Sunday, 5 March 2017

the nanny

If there's to be an unusual fashion icon... would Fran Fine from The Nanny make the cut? How naive. 90s fashion is always fashionable and yet I didn't think that there was a correlation between that and 90s TV shows? Where did the belief of them being tacky come from? I've sinned and for that, I will atone. Despite the fact that it's been over two decades since The Nanny has begun airing, there is a blog dedicated to identifying the pieces that she wears. You're welcome.

There is an unprecedented amount of Moschino that she dons, which further cements that I'm going to have to undergo a TV show timewarp for inspiration. Ironically, although most of what she wears is designer, due to her character, it's perceived as tacky and ostentatious. Perfect. 

As it appears, my style transcends eras. As it appears, I'm incredibly stymied at this latest development, but I'm all the more richer for it. 



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