Monday, 13 February 2017

spring spring

If you lived in Sydney, you would understand that spring doesn't exist. It's a flat half year of summer. Give or take a few vital degrees, if I'm going to be pedantic about it. It's all about the aesthetic. This time, I followed the rubric because what isn't as revolutionary as floral in spring? Alright, I know, it's summer... spring... summer... close enough, it's hot enough. 

So here's a consequence of thrifting. Eventually, your taste will deteriorate and you will begin thinking that the most tackiest of things are deemed couture. I pulled out this dress from the rack, took in its brazen green that had the audacity to form diagonal stripes against a pink floral backdrop and sincerely considered my life choices and challenged the perception my friend had of me. We're still friends, although I suspect that is hanging on by a slim thread. I raised an eyebrow at it as I carried about the store which immediately lowered once I saw it on before the mirror. Eh... a good fashion is a matter of perspective, and I like to think its bold existence is how I should live my life. 

And green and pink are complementary colours, which is why it works! I'm a shame to my kind.

  1. banila co. VV Bouncing Cushion - I'm not quite in love with the bb & cc cushions that I got from my trip in Seoul, as they're notorious for being concerned about whitening.. perhaps it's a matter of application ... 
  2. Versace Bright Crystal Fragrance 
  3. benefit bella bamba blush 


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