Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Ghostbusters x Candy Stripper

Today's post can be adequately summed up in three simple words. Oh. My. God. 

Who would've thought that Ghostbusters would've gotten a reboot, with an all female team no less. I'm going to make a shameful admission now. ... I haven't actually seen it yet. So how on earth does it evoke such intense feelings within me? Well you see, when the original Ghostbusters was a hit, it virtually nurtured my elder cousin and for whatever reason, my aunt and mother found that quite endearing and regaled me tales of how big a fan he was of them, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man plush that he had had turned black from its initial white due to how often he carried it around with him... to imagine my usual colder than steel cousin like that painted an unusual image. 

But the main reason why I haven't watched the reboot is because I'm incredibly shit with movies and I'll get to it ... eventually. Perhaps this collection, from one of my most favourite Japanese brands ever, Candy Stripper, will give me the push and incentive that I need. 

I never thought I would like the silhouette of oversized jumpers and maxi skirts over a more polished look but here we are. 

I said the same thing years ago about fishnet stockings but here we are once more. 

Unquestionably, this is my favourite look. I've been spellbound by palazzo trousers lately, bonus points if it has a slit up the leg but how it sits highwaisted with a cropped turtleneck is just an indescribably pretty pairing. 

I'm speechless really... and currently downloading the Ghostbusters film so that I can set the world back on its axis. 

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