Saturday, 4 February 2017


I swear that my head isn't swirling in a neverending winter, the unbearable heat ruins that fantasy an infinite times over within the hour. I know, this says otherwise doesn't it? As much as I do firmly uphold the adage of quality over quantity, Australia's ridiculous up-prices considerably test that resolve resulting in me being extremely reluctant in forking over the gold only to be riddled with disappointment as its worth lie in its name alone. Capitalism, what else is new? 

Elf Cosmetics may not be entirely as affordable as it is here in contrast to the US, but in proportion, it will make a worthwhile dupe to high end makeup until I master its application.  

  1.  Assorted e.l.f. cosmetics - I really look forward to the Laguna blush and bronzer duo as it's universally agreed to act as a fantastic dupe for Nars' Orgasm (which is insanely pretty, goddamn. I'm buying into the masses now, sigh.). And you can never have too may shades of blush and highlighter to experiment with!
  2. Calvin Klein Lipsticks - For $3 each it's far more affordable than even Revlon lipsticks here which can run for above $15 for a single one. 
  3. Emerald Satin Shirt - A trend I didn't think I'd buy into was wearing pyjamas as outerwear. I take it back, I'm going straight from my bed to the streets from now on. It also didn't hurt that J-Hope from BTS was rocking a similar shirt in one of their Blood, Sweat and Tears performances only I'm sure that at $2, it's less than 99% its cost. Additionally, it has incredible structure and despite it being slightly lengthy, it doesn't need to be tucked in and falls majestically. 
  4. Gemstome Shell Clutch - Some call this tacky, others, a masterpiece. It's a tacky masterpiece and I adore it. It also is a refreshing change from majority of my bags since I have a weird fixation on satchel bags or bags in the shape of food items, because I'm quirky ironic like that. The texture is also reptilian as well with a white piping to add layered interest. Unfortunately, it will be the thing to break my tendency of overloading as realistically, it can only hold my phone and a pack of tissues. At least my back would be thankful. 
Why has no one told me that flatlays were so fun to construct?? Follow me on Instagram, to view more flatlay building. 



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