Monday, 20 February 2017

Comme des Garçons Timeslip

With the 90s making a comeback, it's only fitting that we step into our own time machine as well. Thrift Store chic is a very real look that is thankfully gentle on the budget. And it's fashion, not tacky so hah! My taste is definitely not deteriorating and easily swayed by the growing number on the price tag. I'm all too excited for the arrival of autumn/winter and I will get my hands on every ridiculously ugly jumper perceivable to mankind.  

This is from the Comme des Garçons fall 1996 line and impressively, the style holds up. There's no such thing as mixing too many contrasting textures and colours. The traffic will just learn to adapt. I like that the silhouette is preserved from being an amorphous mass by contrasting the oversized fit with trim bottoms, doing so accentuates the space that you brazenly claim in the world.



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