Saturday, 7 January 2017

timeless as 3CE

A flawless base, lips dipped in blood and killer heels, The most imperative look in one's arsenal which is also blessedly the most simple to attain. 3CE, a South Korean makeup line from the famous fashion brand Style Nanda has essentially created timeless in a bottle.  

These are several of 3CE's bestsellers, their Creamy Lip Color in the most possible red, Cover Cream Foundation and Full Cover Concealer. 

The 3CE Creamy Lip Color lives up to its name and would bring life to your lips even if they have been made into cracked desert sand by the harshness of winter. It's extremely moisturising and the pigment immensely vibrant. Due to that however, it is highly transferable, so blotting it several times after pigmentation is imperative. In #1 it is captured fire itself and the colour alone projects a kind of confidence beyond it's pretty appearance. 

The 3CE Cover Cream Foundation is designed for coverage and thus, the consistency is rather thick. A sheer coverage could be obtained by lessening the amount of product used and how briskly it can be spread over your face. Unfortunately, it emphasises the appearance of dry skin and doesn't melt into the skin as seamlessly as one would prefer. 

With the 3CE Full Cover Concealer, I found that it had similar properties to the Cover Cream Foundation in that the formular is fairly thick and would pronounce dry skin. In order to assure a smoother appearance, a moisturised face is a must. It has medium coverage but it can be buildable. 

Unfortunately both the Cover Cream Foundation and Full Cover Concealer only come in two shades and doesn't accommodate a wide variety of skin tones. 

In summary, the 3CE Creamy Lip Color rightfully proves its position as a Best Seller whilst the other two products perform satisfactorily but better alternatives can be found elsewhere. Otherwise, the three combine to provide an impeccable foundation of a flawless face and striking red lips. 



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  1. I'm a huge fan of 3CE. I recently bought their face balm and I am in loveeee. Lovely photos by the way. Followed your blog cos I love everything about it 😊