Thursday, 19 January 2017

the white rabbit's maw

If this was offered without context would there be fear? I'll sum it up in one word. Art. No this is not the inside of my basement/cellar/freezer. Or is it? This is Zhang Dali's Chinese Offspring, depicting the mass hanging of naked migrant workers and it is part of the White Rabbit Gallery's exhibit called Vile Bodies which orchestrate that monstrosity possesses many faces and is not only confined by our skin but coexist with us physically. 

This is illuminating, eerie and riveting all at once. 

My sister makes for a beautiful subject, and in an art gallery, being near a work of art makes you one itself. 


Cheng Dapeng's Wonderful City, resin 3D prints on lightbox. This is a depiction of an atonement of China's highly lauded urban growth in that it attempts to highlight the shadow that is oft cast aside in the light. Although they attempt to convey the 'perfect life' of providing a square of life for the owner, it is nothing but a breeding ground for monsters. 



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