Sunday, 22 January 2017

safety net

And here we wonder if age is the root cause or if it's simply been the case of 'I've been alive for too long and possessing any inhibitions is simply a waste of time and abhorrent to growth'. So, fishnet stockings... I've been convinced. I'm still unconvinced on anything cropped but that's just me preferring a conservative style of dress. It's a restriction that's gradually loosening, I'll admit. 

You can't separate the risque element from fishnet stockings but perhaps a little sprinkle of that is all we need in life. Perhaps this will even be the stepping stone into my incorporation of cropped things into my wardrobe. Who knows, I certainly don't. Having it stand above the waistband just seems to ooze with this sort of raw power that I have fallen embarrassingly hard for. 

How to work it in shades of pastel. Ahuh, I have a new love affair. 



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