Wednesday, 25 January 2017

pastel foil


Following my descent down the monochrome rabbit hole, allow me to reintroduce some colour by way of pastel because life simply isn't interesting without contrast. I unlocked the secret. How do you make black more striking and the pastel more sweet? Wear them together so that they pop. Do it, it's life changing. Or better yet, colourblock in pastel. Both of which I did. It's like another realm being unlocked. One that breathes new life into an otherwise safe outfit. You can never go wrong with pastel. Typically, I prefer my shoes to be leather or faux leather as canvas is very vulnerable to the elements. But ... Rubi was selling them for $10 each so of course I had to get them all since I noticed a distinct lack of colour in my shoes.

I'm already mourning their departure from this world, but for the time being, they will serve me well. 



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