Monday, 23 January 2017

lazy oaf


Pretty much my mental state. They don't call it retail therapy for nothing and I foresee that this will be the headline for future posts. So like pink, I avoided black and monochrome like the plague. Fast forward to the summer of '15 when I was in Japan and I was in the best shape of my life. Ecstatic with that revelation and faced with a scant wardrobe, I tried a few outfits, marvelling at myself, as you do. I don't know what possessed me to wear my most abhorred combination, black denim against a black jumper but I was stunned at how good it looked. It was a religious experience, it was lifechanging. Then I proceeded to curse myself to high heaven for clinging on such sordid beliefs for as long as I did. Hmm? Too much hyperbole? 

So I'm all about that now. Cheap Monday falls into that aesthetic hence the reason for my presence there, but the store also carried... Lazy Oaf. The Disney collaboration highly discounted. I may have clutched my heart and internally squealed. 

  1. Disney x Lazy Oaf 101 Dalmatians Puppy Dress This went to a friend as her birthday gift out of the sheer goodness of my heart. I know. 
  2. Disney x Lazy Oaf Mickey Mouse Slogan T-Shirt Fortunately, unfortunately, this is long enough to be a dress for me. No complaints. I've been attracted to wearing large t-shirts as dresses with tights emblazoned with crosses at the thighs. A gentle dip into risque if you will. The high rainbow collar doesn't hurt either.
  3. Cheap Monday 'Coach Block Logo Sweat' Ahh yes, here's the aforementioned aesthetic. And yes, I look killer wearing it with black denim haha. But I will be killed if I attempt to wear it in this heat ... absence makes the heart grow fonder. 
  4. Adidas 'Climalite shorts' Sports luxe is a thing and black will always be a thing. 
  5. Giorgio Armani 'luminous silk foundation' I seem to have horrid luck with foundation, it's either too white, too pink or simply not perfect. Which is a shame as the finish is incredible, not so much for coverage but to produce a mask of perfection.
The closing remark is that my soul yearns for the cold and it's beginning to be evermore apparent.



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