Sunday, 29 January 2017

art space

How to spend your last day of freedom from educational servitude. Alternatively, the only reason when I'm arsed to move in hot weather. Ever. Whoever decided summer vacation seriously overlooked the massive code that although yes, there's a lot of time to burn, it's a shame that the sun burns you first. I have to say, the White Rabbit Gallery probably gave me an unrealistic standard of art galleries as the Museum of Contemporary Art, although interesting, didn't hold much of a candle to it. But also... scones. 

Indisputably, the best place for scones in Sydney would have to be at the Tea Cosy

I've only known about the existence of lamington scones for a day and now I can't live without them. So this is how tragic romances start. 

The only jam that should exist in your sight here is the fig and ginger. 

Activities to do on a hot day, gallery hopping. Alternatively, staying at home under the air conditioning. 


Wednesday, 25 January 2017

pastel foil


Following my descent down the monochrome rabbit hole, allow me to reintroduce some colour by way of pastel because life simply isn't interesting without contrast. I unlocked the secret. How do you make black more striking and the pastel more sweet? Wear them together so that they pop. Do it, it's life changing. Or better yet, colourblock in pastel. Both of which I did. It's like another realm being unlocked. One that breathes new life into an otherwise safe outfit. You can never go wrong with pastel. Typically, I prefer my shoes to be leather or faux leather as canvas is very vulnerable to the elements. But ... Rubi was selling them for $10 each so of course I had to get them all since I noticed a distinct lack of colour in my shoes.

I'm already mourning their departure from this world, but for the time being, they will serve me well. 



Monday, 23 January 2017

lazy oaf


Pretty much my mental state. They don't call it retail therapy for nothing and I foresee that this will be the headline for future posts. So like pink, I avoided black and monochrome like the plague. Fast forward to the summer of '15 when I was in Japan and I was in the best shape of my life. Ecstatic with that revelation and faced with a scant wardrobe, I tried a few outfits, marvelling at myself, as you do. I don't know what possessed me to wear my most abhorred combination, black denim against a black jumper but I was stunned at how good it looked. It was a religious experience, it was lifechanging. Then I proceeded to curse myself to high heaven for clinging on such sordid beliefs for as long as I did. Hmm? Too much hyperbole? 

So I'm all about that now. Cheap Monday falls into that aesthetic hence the reason for my presence there, but the store also carried... Lazy Oaf. The Disney collaboration highly discounted. I may have clutched my heart and internally squealed. 

  1. Disney x Lazy Oaf 101 Dalmatians Puppy Dress This went to a friend as her birthday gift out of the sheer goodness of my heart. I know. 
  2. Disney x Lazy Oaf Mickey Mouse Slogan T-Shirt Fortunately, unfortunately, this is long enough to be a dress for me. No complaints. I've been attracted to wearing large t-shirts as dresses with tights emblazoned with crosses at the thighs. A gentle dip into risque if you will. The high rainbow collar doesn't hurt either.
  3. Cheap Monday 'Coach Block Logo Sweat' Ahh yes, here's the aforementioned aesthetic. And yes, I look killer wearing it with black denim haha. But I will be killed if I attempt to wear it in this heat ... absence makes the heart grow fonder. 
  4. Adidas 'Climalite shorts' Sports luxe is a thing and black will always be a thing. 
  5. Giorgio Armani 'luminous silk foundation' I seem to have horrid luck with foundation, it's either too white, too pink or simply not perfect. Which is a shame as the finish is incredible, not so much for coverage but to produce a mask of perfection.
The closing remark is that my soul yearns for the cold and it's beginning to be evermore apparent.



Sunday, 22 January 2017

safety net

And here we wonder if age is the root cause or if it's simply been the case of 'I've been alive for too long and possessing any inhibitions is simply a waste of time and abhorrent to growth'. So, fishnet stockings... I've been convinced. I'm still unconvinced on anything cropped but that's just me preferring a conservative style of dress. It's a restriction that's gradually loosening, I'll admit. 

You can't separate the risque element from fishnet stockings but perhaps a little sprinkle of that is all we need in life. Perhaps this will even be the stepping stone into my incorporation of cropped things into my wardrobe. Who knows, I certainly don't. Having it stand above the waistband just seems to ooze with this sort of raw power that I have fallen embarrassingly hard for. 

How to work it in shades of pastel. Ahuh, I have a new love affair. 



Thursday, 19 January 2017

the white rabbit's maw

If this was offered without context would there be fear? I'll sum it up in one word. Art. No this is not the inside of my basement/cellar/freezer. Or is it? This is Zhang Dali's Chinese Offspring, depicting the mass hanging of naked migrant workers and it is part of the White Rabbit Gallery's exhibit called Vile Bodies which orchestrate that monstrosity possesses many faces and is not only confined by our skin but coexist with us physically. 

This is illuminating, eerie and riveting all at once. 

My sister makes for a beautiful subject, and in an art gallery, being near a work of art makes you one itself. 


Cheng Dapeng's Wonderful City, resin 3D prints on lightbox. This is a depiction of an atonement of China's highly lauded urban growth in that it attempts to highlight the shadow that is oft cast aside in the light. Although they attempt to convey the 'perfect life' of providing a square of life for the owner, it is nothing but a breeding ground for monsters. 



Sunday, 15 January 2017

pink elephants

In breaking news, I still loathe summer. I'm pretty sure it's one of the underlying factors in my unproductivity. Would you... want to go outside when the weather doesn't dip below 30C and reaches as high as 40C? But winter is coming... winter is coming... 

  1. Jewel and Wrap Choker Set from Lovisa I wasn't intending on buying any chokers in store but seeing how majestic the silver flower layered against the black looks had me falling hook, line and sinker. 
  2. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink Here's a product that needs no introduction and for good reason. It works like a dream and is indispensable for etching that cateye so sharp it could be weaponised. 
  3. Clio 'Water Proof Pen Liner, Kill Black' This was one of the products that was severely underlined and heavily bolded to get when I went to Seoul. No liquid eyeliner will hold me the way this has. Kat von D who? 
  4. e.l.f. Makeup Mist and Set If there's a makeup brand that I envy for American accessibility it's e.l.f. Based on its glowing accolades, how can products worth pocket change if not rival, better high end ones? Building a trustworthy makeup collection would've been a lot more affordable. Although in saying that, the price it's sold at in Australia isn't so bad, but when you're considering it's sold at three times the initial price, the accessibility becomes harder to justify. Of course with Australia's horrible exchange at the moment, I don't need to use a middleman in order to see if it truly is worth their holy grail status. So it's summer, makeup refuses to stay on. We'll see if this can challenge the strength of the Urban Decay setting spray. 
  5. e.l.f. Mascara Primer I'm told this will make my lashes touch the sky. Sold!

Is summer over yet?



Saturday, 7 January 2017

timeless as 3CE

A flawless base, lips dipped in blood and killer heels, The most imperative look in one's arsenal which is also blessedly the most simple to attain. 3CE, a South Korean makeup line from the famous fashion brand Style Nanda has essentially created timeless in a bottle.  

These are several of 3CE's bestsellers, their Creamy Lip Color in the most possible red, Cover Cream Foundation and Full Cover Concealer. 

The 3CE Creamy Lip Color lives up to its name and would bring life to your lips even if they have been made into cracked desert sand by the harshness of winter. It's extremely moisturising and the pigment immensely vibrant. Due to that however, it is highly transferable, so blotting it several times after pigmentation is imperative. In #1 it is captured fire itself and the colour alone projects a kind of confidence beyond it's pretty appearance. 

The 3CE Cover Cream Foundation is designed for coverage and thus, the consistency is rather thick. A sheer coverage could be obtained by lessening the amount of product used and how briskly it can be spread over your face. Unfortunately, it emphasises the appearance of dry skin and doesn't melt into the skin as seamlessly as one would prefer. 

With the 3CE Full Cover Concealer, I found that it had similar properties to the Cover Cream Foundation in that the formular is fairly thick and would pronounce dry skin. In order to assure a smoother appearance, a moisturised face is a must. It has medium coverage but it can be buildable. 

Unfortunately both the Cover Cream Foundation and Full Cover Concealer only come in two shades and doesn't accommodate a wide variety of skin tones. 

In summary, the 3CE Creamy Lip Color rightfully proves its position as a Best Seller whilst the other two products perform satisfactorily but better alternatives can be found elsewhere. Otherwise, the three combine to provide an impeccable foundation of a flawless face and striking red lips.