Friday, 9 December 2016

study in pink

I have moods where I toy with the line of contrasting pieces and really stretch the spectrum of whether they blend cohesively or when I take every effort to make them complementary. This is one such mood. 

I've mentioned my childhood rebellion of pink, it seems almost karmic that I'm very partial to it now; particularly pastel and a dusky rose. To me, it just seems effortlessly refined in a very soft way. What better way to emphasise that by way of lace, floral shorts to pair with the collar perfectly?

 I struck gold whilst I was in Marrickville, unearthing a number of elegant chiffon shirts for less than $5 apiece. This one is quite unusual. It's made from the lightest of tweed and is the best singular best for a more formal event. You almost forget how intimidating the Helgas are in their dusky rose tone. 

After bringing the pink to your body, we move to the face with a swipe across the cheeks with the Benefit Bella Bamba blush. I wish we had ELF at the US prices in Australia. For pocket change, it challenges the quality of high end makeup products. It would've been a great way for me to experiment or even, develop any modicum of skill. Still, the ELF highlighters are amazing. Bioderma deserves all its allocades. I'm a bit hesitant on anything that prove to be detrimental to the skin - why maintain a healthy lifestyle otherwise so any product that's lauded to be gentle easily wins me over. 

From left to right, top to bottom 

Shoes / Helga by Deandri 
Shirt/ Thrifted 
Bottoms/ Bardot Lace Shorts
Bioderma Sensiblo H20 Solution 
ELF Highlighters
Benefit Bella Bamba Blush 



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