Friday, 16 December 2016

Stella de Libero

I don't care for marriage. What I do care for is that the occasion provides as a undeniable excuse to adorn myself in an unreasonably extravagant, over the top gown. Let's be frank, it's not as though I have impossibly high standards to meet so the phrase, 'it made my jaw drop, left me breathless and questioning the existence of the earth' essentially loses its meaning. But these gowns from Stella de Libero, a Japanese label will have you nodding in agreement. 

So hear me out. Is it more ridiculous to have a Tokyo-based wedding to save on shipping costs or should I go gungho about it since it's my wedding? 

Art and fashion are one entity and if anyone dares to refute you, show them this because... my god...

Adding onto that, why wold you limit yourself to a single colour palette for your wedding dress when.. when you can have them all. It's your wedding and you should feel every bit a masterpiece or a figure from literacy wonders. 

The recurring silhouette is fairly classic, a corset top that billows into your own personal galaxy. 

Doesn't the cerulean blue dress give the impression that you're draping the ocean over yourself? The dresses are simply diving, it seems a shame to limit yourself to a mere dress. I wonder if they do a rental service, if that's the case, I'm getting a vacation and at least ten dress changes during my wedding. 



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