Tuesday, 20 December 2016

season's madness

Do you know where money does to die? Zara. Honestly, I could walk out with armfuls of things. Perhaps it's because of the holidays thus triggering a sentimental trait I didn't know I housed but I decided to take my sister out on a free day of shopping. Yes... that's why I did it, generosity.. the goodness of my soul... can someone bring that script closer? I can't see the rest of the lines. 

In all seriousness, it gets touted that in order to build a wardrobe from the ground up, you begin with the basics. It isn't until you're actually doing that did I realise how difficult that was. So I'd like to think we fulfilled that by balancing it with more quirkier items to keep it interesting. 

Galaxy/intergalactic/space whatever the term coined I have a deep fondness - and not because Valentino had a killer collection. The headpiece from Lovisa is actually just floral embellishments from afar it looks like the universe weaved into your hair. 

I'm one of those people now. I'm a candle person. I'm going to amass so many my sense of smell will fail from overload. But okay, the Tahaa Glasshouse Candle... is to die for. It's vanilla caramel and isn't as cloying or overbearing as you may be led to believe. Simply put, it's delicious. 

Remember the earlier conundrum? It's solved because anoraks are the solution to world peace (this one has deep pockets that reaches the end of the earth) and grey fixes everything. In order to retain colour, I opted for pastel pink high waisted shorts and the most ostentatious flats I have. I never thought that a pure white bag could look so striking against anything, that and the satchel gives it a cartoonish quality that I find positively endearing. All in all, it's a put together look made from the foundation of basics. I win. 

From top to bottom, left to right. 

Outerwear //Mid-length Cartoon Print Anorak // Zara 
Top // Cropped Grey Jumper // Zara
Bottoms // High-waisted Pastel Pink Shorts // Zara 
Shoes // Zebra-print Colourblocked Flats // Kate Spade 
Accessories // White Satchel Bag // Thrifted 



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  1. the first ensemble is AMAZING. honestly i need everything there.