Wednesday, 28 December 2016

raindance with Leanne Marshall

This is the Raincloud gown from the Fall '16 Signature Collection by Leanne Marshall. That's all the introduction it really needs doesn't it? It's exquisite. Made from a complementary combination of dove gray and blue in a textured silk organza it is the fashion embodiment of smoke. Certainly, it lives up to its name. In addition to the skirt, I feel that the dainty straps of the dress really makes it, adding another layer of mystique to an already phantasmal piece.

Now an ode to her F/W 2015 Collection. It follows a woman's descent into insanity following continual rejection. I love how morbid that is. The theme is beautifully portrayed through the makeup as well. Red is where she is most composed, as well as being the colour of love it's probably when her love brought nothing to her but a sweet, luxuriating warmth. Her insanity is depicted in cool tones, but cold and unforgiving as ice with her makeup smudged beyond recognition. That's moving. 

Words can't convey how much I adore the first look. The red of the skirt almost has a regal sheen and the cape gives the impression that she's walking through flames. 

On the other end of the spectrum we have the incorporation of ice. I love how both elements are mirrors of each other and powerful in their own regard. The choice of colours really does give a whole new meaning to waterfall skirt. 

We have fire and ice and now we have the vast ocean with its inky depths. The final stop, insanity. 



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