Saturday, 10 December 2016

devil in the details

Honestly, I really envy actresses that star in ancient/medieval shows if only for the exquisite ballgowns that get to don as part of their costumes. Just the image alone of eating something really pedestrian like a burger whilst yards of tulle billow around you is slightly amusing. Elie Saab is a designer that holds back and the embellishments are simply breathtaking. 

I love seeing designers make final tweaks to a piece before it gets flaunted down the runway. It really makes them come alive and less of an impossible fantasy that can only exist in dreams. 

Ostentatious and obnoxious but in the most gorgeous way possible. It's an interesting way to contrast the otherwise solid component of velvet, it give it the perfect backdrop to highlight the intricacy of the embellishments without causing pain to the eyes. 



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