Wednesday, 28 December 2016

raindance with Leanne Marshall

This is the Raincloud gown from the Fall '16 Signature Collection by Leanne Marshall. That's all the introduction it really needs doesn't it? It's exquisite. Made from a complementary combination of dove gray and blue in a textured silk organza it is the fashion embodiment of smoke. Certainly, it lives up to its name. In addition to the skirt, I feel that the dainty straps of the dress really makes it, adding another layer of mystique to an already phantasmal piece.

Now an ode to her F/W 2015 Collection. It follows a woman's descent into insanity following continual rejection. I love how morbid that is. The theme is beautifully portrayed through the makeup as well. Red is where she is most composed, as well as being the colour of love it's probably when her love brought nothing to her but a sweet, luxuriating warmth. Her insanity is depicted in cool tones, but cold and unforgiving as ice with her makeup smudged beyond recognition. That's moving. 

Words can't convey how much I adore the first look. The red of the skirt almost has a regal sheen and the cape gives the impression that she's walking through flames. 

On the other end of the spectrum we have the incorporation of ice. I love how both elements are mirrors of each other and powerful in their own regard. The choice of colours really does give a whole new meaning to waterfall skirt. 

We have fire and ice and now we have the vast ocean with its inky depths. The final stop, insanity. 



Saturday, 24 December 2016

functional barbie

Once the association is made, it's all but impossible to see it from any other angle. For some reason, I was convinced that the dress I unearthed is exactly what you'd find in Barbie's real life modern wardrobe. Or maybe that's because the because the print is usually associated with television standoffish it girls. In order to play that up, we have rose accents along with falsies that'd rival any doll. Together, the outfit just works, prim but not overt. 

I'm surprised that I like it so much. I may not experience any visceral reaction to what my youth would've but I'm not a slave to it. And yet, I've created a look that utilises all those elements. Childhood nostalgia perhaps? The silhouette of the dress is perfect for running last minute errands, it ends at a perfect length and there's a structured collar - so it's a tick in every regard. It's warmer than it's flimsy appearance would you lead you to believe as well. Thus, it's saved for the colder months or when an unprecedented cold front hits unfortunately.   

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom: 

Dress: Collared Pink Tartan Dress // Miss Selfridge (thrifted)
Bag: Rose Python-printed Satchel // Forever New (thrifted)
Fragrance: Bright Crystal by Versace 
Beauty: False Eyelashes // Dollywink
Shoes: Helga by Deandri 



Tuesday, 20 December 2016

season's madness

Do you know where money does to die? Zara. Honestly, I could walk out with armfuls of things. Perhaps it's because of the holidays thus triggering a sentimental trait I didn't know I housed but I decided to take my sister out on a free day of shopping. Yes... that's why I did it, generosity.. the goodness of my soul... can someone bring that script closer? I can't see the rest of the lines. 

In all seriousness, it gets touted that in order to build a wardrobe from the ground up, you begin with the basics. It isn't until you're actually doing that did I realise how difficult that was. So I'd like to think we fulfilled that by balancing it with more quirkier items to keep it interesting. 

Galaxy/intergalactic/space whatever the term coined I have a deep fondness - and not because Valentino had a killer collection. The headpiece from Lovisa is actually just floral embellishments from afar it looks like the universe weaved into your hair. 

I'm one of those people now. I'm a candle person. I'm going to amass so many my sense of smell will fail from overload. But okay, the Tahaa Glasshouse Candle... is to die for. It's vanilla caramel and isn't as cloying or overbearing as you may be led to believe. Simply put, it's delicious. 

Remember the earlier conundrum? It's solved because anoraks are the solution to world peace (this one has deep pockets that reaches the end of the earth) and grey fixes everything. In order to retain colour, I opted for pastel pink high waisted shorts and the most ostentatious flats I have. I never thought that a pure white bag could look so striking against anything, that and the satchel gives it a cartoonish quality that I find positively endearing. All in all, it's a put together look made from the foundation of basics. I win. 

From top to bottom, left to right. 

Outerwear //Mid-length Cartoon Print Anorak // Zara 
Top // Cropped Grey Jumper // Zara
Bottoms // High-waisted Pastel Pink Shorts // Zara 
Shoes // Zebra-print Colourblocked Flats // Kate Spade 
Accessories // White Satchel Bag // Thrifted 



Friday, 16 December 2016

Stella de Libero

I don't care for marriage. What I do care for is that the occasion provides as a undeniable excuse to adorn myself in an unreasonably extravagant, over the top gown. Let's be frank, it's not as though I have impossibly high standards to meet so the phrase, 'it made my jaw drop, left me breathless and questioning the existence of the earth' essentially loses its meaning. But these gowns from Stella de Libero, a Japanese label will have you nodding in agreement. 

So hear me out. Is it more ridiculous to have a Tokyo-based wedding to save on shipping costs or should I go gungho about it since it's my wedding? 

Art and fashion are one entity and if anyone dares to refute you, show them this because... my god...

Adding onto that, why wold you limit yourself to a single colour palette for your wedding dress when.. when you can have them all. It's your wedding and you should feel every bit a masterpiece or a figure from literacy wonders. 

The recurring silhouette is fairly classic, a corset top that billows into your own personal galaxy. 

Doesn't the cerulean blue dress give the impression that you're draping the ocean over yourself? The dresses are simply diving, it seems a shame to limit yourself to a mere dress. I wonder if they do a rental service, if that's the case, I'm getting a vacation and at least ten dress changes during my wedding. 



Saturday, 10 December 2016

devil in the details

Honestly, I really envy actresses that star in ancient/medieval shows if only for the exquisite ballgowns that get to don as part of their costumes. Just the image alone of eating something really pedestrian like a burger whilst yards of tulle billow around you is slightly amusing. Elie Saab is a designer that holds back and the embellishments are simply breathtaking. 

I love seeing designers make final tweaks to a piece before it gets flaunted down the runway. It really makes them come alive and less of an impossible fantasy that can only exist in dreams. 

Ostentatious and obnoxious but in the most gorgeous way possible. It's an interesting way to contrast the otherwise solid component of velvet, it give it the perfect backdrop to highlight the intricacy of the embellishments without causing pain to the eyes. 



Friday, 9 December 2016

study in pink

I have moods where I toy with the line of contrasting pieces and really stretch the spectrum of whether they blend cohesively or when I take every effort to make them complementary. This is one such mood. 

I've mentioned my childhood rebellion of pink, it seems almost karmic that I'm very partial to it now; particularly pastel and a dusky rose. To me, it just seems effortlessly refined in a very soft way. What better way to emphasise that by way of lace, floral shorts to pair with the collar perfectly?

 I struck gold whilst I was in Marrickville, unearthing a number of elegant chiffon shirts for less than $5 apiece. This one is quite unusual. It's made from the lightest of tweed and is the best singular best for a more formal event. You almost forget how intimidating the Helgas are in their dusky rose tone. 

After bringing the pink to your body, we move to the face with a swipe across the cheeks with the Benefit Bella Bamba blush. I wish we had ELF at the US prices in Australia. For pocket change, it challenges the quality of high end makeup products. It would've been a great way for me to experiment or even, develop any modicum of skill. Still, the ELF highlighters are amazing. Bioderma deserves all its allocades. I'm a bit hesitant on anything that prove to be detrimental to the skin - why maintain a healthy lifestyle otherwise so any product that's lauded to be gentle easily wins me over. 

From left to right, top to bottom 

Shoes / Helga by Deandri 
Shirt/ Thrifted 
Bottoms/ Bardot Lace Shorts
Bioderma Sensiblo H20 Solution 
ELF Highlighters
Benefit Bella Bamba Blush 



Monday, 5 December 2016

Etude House Secret Beam Highlighter

Do you know that ethereal prismatic highlighter that looks like you've been kissed by a rainbow? Well, this is not that highlighter. Etude House's description of their Secret Beam Highlighter states that 'this 6-coloured all-over baked shimmer powder in pearly white tone instantly enhances the complexion with a soft, youthful luminosity'. Is that achieved? Yes. Is it a holy grail product? No. 

You would apply it typically like any other highlighter, accenting your cheekbones and along the bridge of your nose to give yourself that faint dusting of butterfly scales. As with highlighters, a light hand is recommended but the effect that this gives is very subtle. I find that the product itself in its pastel glory is a feast for the eyes but applied, it doesn't really carry over, unfortunately. 

The conclusion here is that if you were building your makeup arsenal from scratch and this happened to be by your fingertips... that's the only outcome I'd envision that you'd pick it up since there are better products on the market. Although, how many highlighters does one truly need anyway?