Tuesday, 22 November 2016

incidental hero

I possess every spectrum of the rainbow except its two extremes. I warmed up to black quicker and found that I quite liked the resulting toughness it emanated. White on the other hand, took its sweet time to court me. Maybe it was because I found it too pure, a ridiculous reason I know. I've since turned over a new leaf (fortunately). The world has long grasped this fact and it's only now that I'm in agreement. There's something about black and white that makes it so positively striking and the effortless elegance is a welcome look. 

Also, in addition to falling prey to the marvel of white, I've succumbed to the bomber jacket that I've been lukewarm to. The universe decided to hit me with two stones and I couldn't be more grateful. 

I am very gradually expanding my shoe collection, and will probably fall victim to the 'How many pairs of black boots does one person humanely need?'. But if you live in black denim like I do, you need the footware to match in order to extend your legs to a galaxy. Anything black is versatile and will pay for itself! Unless I exceed the weight limit. Ha... ha...

I have an unwavering loyalty to bright colours and I'm especially partial to a yellow that looks like captured sunshine. It just looks so happy, so bright. Nevermind dressing for your mood, this dresses to the mood. I bought this for that reason but I had every intention of removing the fake gems as I thought it was a bit tacky but hey, if Dolce & Gabbana can get away with it, so will I! Ever since I've made that association, I've been loving this shirt even more. That detail would also make it exquisite to layer with. 

I still have not warmed up to spring, even if it is warming up on me. Summer will be my death.


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