Friday, 25 November 2016

ambitious zebra

I don't have much luck when it comes to thrifting shoes, but when I do, they're Kate Spade. I typically adore things that are more unique in design but in ordinary circumstances, Kate Spade would be the last place I visit. It's a lot of money to pay to be quirky otherwise. 

As I mentioned earlier, thrift stores in Sydney tend to be lacking in the shoe department. Or in my size at least. Just slightly edging out heels, flats are ones that I typically avoid. This is due to the fact that my legs aren't entirely straight and unless the shoes have a thick padding, I will wear out one side quicker and exacerbate the unstraightness more. It kind of freaks me out, as I'm fairly certain it's why my left knee has a tendency to spasm even when stationary. In saying that, if I happen to come across a pair that's beautiful and affordable wearing them once in a blue moon wouldn't signal an apocalypse.

I really liked the contrasting tips especially in colours that I'm partial to. Simply put, they would add a fun twist to an otherwise monochrome outfit or heighten the kitsch of a more adventurous one. 



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