Saturday, 22 October 2016

angelic cupcake

Apparently I'm all about that Lush life now. Ha... Ha... To paraphrase the words of others, 'You need to take a break once in awhile otherwise you'll die'. I just wished treating oneself wasn't so costly. But handing in two major assignments qualify as a treat. Shall we talk about the tea first before I spill it? Let's be frank, I was not expecting to love it. Sure I opt for tea over coffee as my weapon of choice but I'm not one to favour a flavoured beverage; unnecessary calorie intake and all. I'd rather just have dessert. But this.. was a pina colada inspired tea. The hints of coconut lent this unbelievable creaminess that had me purchase it without hesitation. Pineapple and coconut tea, what a notion. A delicious one. 

I've heard a litany of praise for both the Cupcake Mask as well as the Angels on Bare Skin Scrub. I baulked at the former due to its price for such a tiny, tiny, tiny tub and the latter for its hideous fragrance. But in the spirit of treat myself, combined with a healthy dose of to hell with it, I now possess both. I've tried the Cupcake Mask and it does make my face feel cleaner, although is it due to the products it's made from or because of the mere factor of washing off something that had called my face home sweet home for fifteen minutes? We'll see. I have yet to try the scrub, but I will be adequately harsh to test its worldwide best seller label. 




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