Saturday, 22 October 2016

angelic cupcake

Apparently I'm all about that Lush life now. Ha... Ha... To paraphrase the words of others, 'You need to take a break once in awhile otherwise you'll die'. I just wished treating oneself wasn't so costly. But handing in two major assignments qualify as a treat. Shall we talk about the tea first before I spill it? Let's be frank, I was not expecting to love it. Sure I opt for tea over coffee as my weapon of choice but I'm not one to favour a flavoured beverage; unnecessary calorie intake and all. I'd rather just have dessert. But this.. was a pina colada inspired tea. The hints of coconut lent this unbelievable creaminess that had me purchase it without hesitation. Pineapple and coconut tea, what a notion. A delicious one. 

I've heard a litany of praise for both the Cupcake Mask as well as the Angels on Bare Skin Scrub. I baulked at the former due to its price for such a tiny, tiny, tiny tub and the latter for its hideous fragrance. But in the spirit of treat myself, combined with a healthy dose of to hell with it, I now possess both. I've tried the Cupcake Mask and it does make my face feel cleaner, although is it due to the products it's made from or because of the mere factor of washing off something that had called my face home sweet home for fifteen minutes? We'll see. I have yet to try the scrub, but I will be adequately harsh to test its worldwide best seller label. 



Wednesday, 19 October 2016

manic pixie dream girl

Sydney is undergoing a strange siege with spring at the moment. Not that I'm complaining, I quite like the alternating between autumn and spring temperatures. Moreso on the former. But I can at least dress as though I'm excited with the sun giving us its rapt attention. I've always been fond of that soft sunshine yellow. It portrays the euphoria that only I know internally. I've been charged with infidelity, as I look to shirts with different necklines, it's okay collars, you're still very far up my list in terms of devotion. Floral for spring, how revolutionary. It's been over a few years since I bought my Floral Doc Martens and I've yet to break them in. Hence why I've been tentatively wearing them out lately. The motorcycle jacket-esque placement of the zippers on the skirt are quite attractive to me, I don't know, perhaps it's become part of my aesthetic now. Asymmetrical of course, to appeal to the zaniness of my soul with an unique print that's larger than life. So that's my attempt to woo spring, let's talk about the book.

Yes, let's pretend that everyone in the world hasn't read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I've been revisiting books from my younger years, Brave New World is one such example. Perhaps I've grown more cynical, perhaps I've grown more aware, in any case, my tolerance for books have noticeably increased. Now, I need to state that I'm only about a fifth of the way in but I must confess to being rather detached about the characters. It's very Twilight-esque. Of course everyone is conventionally attractive. Of course the boss who proclaims to be interested in curvaceous women suddenly finds interest in the girl with the boyish figure who appears anorexic even though she gorges on junk food. She's different. Sigh. Such clear male wish fulfilment isn't it? I'm kind of hoping that at one point there's a turnabout and the book becomes one of a satirical nature, but until that point, it's rather painful to read. 

Why am I still reading it you ask? Well.. they just introduced a closed room murder and I'm a sucker for those.... Dammit. 

Top: Cherrykoko Yellow Chiffon Shirt (Thrifted)
Bottom: H&M Black Asymmetrical Skirt (Thrifted)
Shoes: Floral Doc Martens 
Accessory: Lovina Necklace, The Book that is Giving Me a Migraine


Wednesday, 12 October 2016


If there's a brand I'm besotted with, it's undoubtedly Mimco. An Australian brand that is a touch of luxury, ten parts whimsy. And just the slightest bit out of my budget sigh. Still, there are ways to get what I want in means that won't impart much guilt and harm. Thrifting and Outlet Shopping. At Birkenhead Point to be exact. It's an interesting place, standing above water and is said to be one with the wind when it rocks the building.

Not only that, there are a few luxury brands under its roof, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, etc. I'm there for Alannah Hill and Mimco though. So, the last pair of the Enchantress Slippers came to be in my possession for $87. For what cause? A missing strap. Eh, I've lived with worse. The effect changes with different coloured ribbons used, I opted for the bottle green, the closest to the original strap, but I wonder how a royal blue, or pastel pink would fare. Unique flair without much effort, my favourite kind of style. 

I never thought I would ever warm to loafers or ankle straps. I'm always proven wrong aren't I? I just love the abstract marbling in rich colours; it would really be mistaken for a piece in an art gallery. 

The bag I thrifted for $9. I am a huge sucker for the satchel style. Tan is extremely versatile and the clasp itself is very easy to open single handed. In addition, for such a small bag, it's quite spacious. Yes... I'm aware these sound like very weak excuses. 

Mimco's craftsmanship is through the roof. How surprising that I have very good, hardly-able-to-afford taste.