Saturday, 3 September 2016

an encounter at the Two Wolves and the Koi

Uncomfortable outings are softened by the presence of food. That seems to be the adage I've unintentionally adopted these days. Why do I torture myself with Instagram of places that I'm dying to consume but hindered by very real factors such as a growing girth and a shrinking wallet? Note to self, don't befriend enablers. Because not only will they cheer on your bad habits but at least you will have them to cry with. I like my glass half full. Food also provides a distraction from the person in front of you and keeps your mouth occupied against response. ... So there's that. New plan, I'm going to every cafe in Sydney with a mortal enemy. That way, I get company and motivation to go. Ahaha ...

Whimsical alleyways, how Wonderland-esque.

The Two Wolves: Community Cantina gets points for its ambience, it's aid of the community and the 20% student discount that my friend gleefully jumped on the chance of. Tacos are hard to mess up, so what's my excuse for not making them?

As far as I'm concerned, a lunch date isn't a lunch date in the absence of dessert. 

What lurks in Spice Alley you ask? Oh, just a little place that a certain former Masterchef contestant opened whom had a proclivity for desserts. 

That's right, Reynold Poernomo's Koi. I really wish we could try the a la carte dessert menu... next time! On obvious warning, but one that entirely slipped our minds was that, do not order any cakes with fruits out of season for they will be canned. In saying that the combination of mango and yuzu was pleasant. Lychee anything lends itself to a light as air dessert and watch out for anything with a chocolate sheen... they're killer unless you possess an iron stomach. 

Fragments and remnants somehow appear more artistic than its original incarnation. How odd.



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