Monday, 8 August 2016

waves from alena akhamadullina spring 2016

What does the world need more of? Unconventional prints. Alena Akhamadullina delivered waves our way. So you always feel that you're carrying a piece of the sea with you everywhere you walk. I like that it extends beyonds the print and incorporates the shape of the waves as well into the neckline. Especially in a way that the height is different. This is how you take a concept and utilise it to its fullest potential. 

Above, you have a more traditional hue. Waves from storms, waves full of malicious anger that cause the rising number of shipwrecks. Waves full of Poseidon's wrath that swallow anyone that dares venture into his dour mood. But this blue, in seafoam, looks much softer and provides a more casual element. Just look at that bag that it's paired with! The pearl of the sea. Really, could it be anymore perfect?



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