Saturday, 27 August 2016

citrus fresh

Forever 21 boots ($10, Vinnies), Mint chiffon shirt ($9.90, consignment store), Citrus origami skorts ($7, Vinnies)
These would've ushered the majestic coming of Spring. I can't help but feel disheartened and irritated. Spring brings forth the sun, my mortal nemesis and with it, a heat I despise. I will spend my summer a shut in full of intense loathing for the world until autumn arrives once more will I feel a sense of adventure. Let's take the runway inside and under air conditioning. Sigh, tell me how you brave the beat. If the Wicked Witch of the West's downfall lies in water, mine is the unrelenting rays of the sun.

I feel oddly satisfied, making headway on my fashion bucketlist. As I thrift most of my clothes, the list grows more than it shrinks but any cross-offs warrants a tiny victory. I adore pastel even if my wardrobe is woefully devoid of it. But here, I welcome this wonderful mint chiffon shirt into my collection. 

I would've loved it simply for the collar and colour alone. But look at the detail! The collar itself is sheer and with a pearl, lace and very obvious gem embellishments. Surprisingly, it defies the label of tacky into one that is rather distinguished. The sleeves itself have a beautiful origami-like fold. This would make it great tucked into highwaisted things or layered beneath jumpers for that pop. 

I kid you not the perilous journey into finding the perfect pair of lace up boots. Unfortunately, the journey doesn't quite end here, but for now, I am satiated. Especially for the price. I didn't expect Forever21 to have such decent quality, it's leagues above Rubi, that much is evident. 

Topshop takes trends then levels it up. I'm a sucker for quirky prints, and lemon trees qualify. Plus, I love skirts but when they have the security of shorts, I'm sold. 

Perhaps this spring won't be so bad... 


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