Wednesday, 3 August 2016

chokers by dior

Christian Dior F/W16 Haute Couture
I have sheer weaknesses in fashion as much as the next person. A most recent one that's made itself is the negative space of hemlines that reveal collar bones. And if it's accentuated by collar necklaces or choker, I guarantee that I will swoon. Lately, solid monochromatic has grown on me, a rather startling revelation. I'm beginning to appreciate its striking simplicity and pairing it with statement necklaces makes them pop even more. 

The open collar necklace is evermore attractive. I like that Dior has fashioned the chokers to be rather bold and ornamental, it adds a dimension of daring to the entire look. I find it paradoxical that I prefer my accessories to be more on the muted and  subtle side but I' relieved for my changing preferences, it allows more sides of fashion I could dabble and experiment in. 



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