Saturday, 27 August 2016

citrus fresh

Forever 21 boots ($10, Vinnies), Mint chiffon shirt ($9.90, consignment store), Citrus origami skorts ($7, Vinnies)
These would've ushered the majestic coming of Spring. I can't help but feel disheartened and irritated. Spring brings forth the sun, my mortal nemesis and with it, a heat I despise. I will spend my summer a shut in full of intense loathing for the world until autumn arrives once more will I feel a sense of adventure. Let's take the runway inside and under air conditioning. Sigh, tell me how you brave the beat. If the Wicked Witch of the West's downfall lies in water, mine is the unrelenting rays of the sun.

I feel oddly satisfied, making headway on my fashion bucketlist. As I thrift most of my clothes, the list grows more than it shrinks but any cross-offs warrants a tiny victory. I adore pastel even if my wardrobe is woefully devoid of it. But here, I welcome this wonderful mint chiffon shirt into my collection. 

I would've loved it simply for the collar and colour alone. But look at the detail! The collar itself is sheer and with a pearl, lace and very obvious gem embellishments. Surprisingly, it defies the label of tacky into one that is rather distinguished. The sleeves itself have a beautiful origami-like fold. This would make it great tucked into highwaisted things or layered beneath jumpers for that pop. 

I kid you not the perilous journey into finding the perfect pair of lace up boots. Unfortunately, the journey doesn't quite end here, but for now, I am satiated. Especially for the price. I didn't expect Forever21 to have such decent quality, it's leagues above Rubi, that much is evident. 

Topshop takes trends then levels it up. I'm a sucker for quirky prints, and lemon trees qualify. Plus, I love skirts but when they have the security of shorts, I'm sold. 

Perhaps this spring won't be so bad... 


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

the red shoes

As an insomniac, I've been told numerous methods to gain a ticket to Slumber. None have worked. But there is one method that I'm particularly fond of, and that is to create stories before you sleep. Unfortunately, that actually may be what's keeping me up at night as I furrow my brow in an attempt to work out the plot holes and kinks. But we all have our vices right? Due to that, I find it rather easy to formulate stories on the fly, and this semester, for the first time ever, I'm indulging in something creative. For it, we had to reinvent a fairytale in a modern setting I chose, the Red Shoes by Hans Christian Anderson. The original fairytale is a warning against spoiled children. But in this day and age, vanity is mistaken as an intelligent ploy. And thus, this was born. Shall I tell you a story?

Once upon a time, there lived an unremarkable girl. The only thing about her that distinguished her from others was her undying love for fashion and the relatively unknown blog that she used to document it. 

Unfortunately, she was destined to be eternally poor, all her money spent to supplement her expensive habit. As a counterbalance, she feasts on instant noodles. 

One day, she earns enough to commission a designer to create her a pair of shoes, fated to be hers. After toiling away for days, the designer presents her the pair of shoes. Furious that her well starved money had resulted in such a hideous product, she throws a fit. In response, the designer takes a pair of scissors and destroys the shoes right in front of her eyes. With the promise of more money, the designer fashions her another pair. But out of spite, makes the heel impossibly high. Delighted, the girl Instagrams the pair immediately and goes viral as ...

The Girl with the Red Shoes. 

Her blog shoots up in hits, her follower count keeps growing as does her bank account, she's stopped in the street for compliments. But one stormy day, deciding not to risk her precious trademark, foregoes them for boots. For the long time in awhile, she experiences a day of anonymity. Horrified, she vows to never be without the Red Shoes. 

Unfortunately, extended wear of the shoes have left her feet grotesque and deformed beneath the patent leather. Her doctor warning her that it is causing irreversible damage to her hip and spine. But she recalls that fateful day and shakes her hear, resolving to stay strong to her pact. 

One day, she trips on a cobblestone path and hits her head. 

Hundreds turn up to the funeral for the Girl with the Red Shoes. 


Who is the girl in the coffin?

As you can see, we were instructed to compile images to demonstrate how we should shoot the key sequence for our devised fairytale. I decided to take the minimal route and reduce her life to essential elements. The Red Shoes being the clear star of course.



Sunday, 14 August 2016

ensnared in flowers with Georges Hobeika

What's the easiest part of a shoe to customise? The straps, laces and everything in between. So if you ever wish to hit the refresh button on your pair of heels, keep that in mind. Being indecisive with colour is hardly an issue when it's so affordable. I particularly love silk ribbons especially if the ends are tapered in a v. I had also thought of entwining a garland of flowers within the laces but aGeorges Hobeika Fall 2016 Haute Couture, they took that a step closer into having a strap of blossoms. Brilliance. 

It almost has a dainty, goddess-esque effect to it. Note, that for this particular one, it also adorns the heel, every available surface is open game to unique, personal touches I say!


Wednesday, 10 August 2016

the future at Valentino RTW F/W 2016

The future is here by Valentino and it only took this year. Everything about this is the embodiment of your science fiction dreams albeit taking them campy to more fashion forward. Everything from the chrome, the geometric embellishments in the form of silver plates, the metallic sheen of the dress as well as the skater skirt structure. 

It's refreshed with the tulle, and the fact that it uses embellishments over a block print. Here's to looking like a cyborg within this decade!



Monday, 8 August 2016

waves from alena akhamadullina spring 2016

What does the world need more of? Unconventional prints. Alena Akhamadullina delivered waves our way. So you always feel that you're carrying a piece of the sea with you everywhere you walk. I like that it extends beyonds the print and incorporates the shape of the waves as well into the neckline. Especially in a way that the height is different. This is how you take a concept and utilise it to its fullest potential. 

Above, you have a more traditional hue. Waves from storms, waves full of malicious anger that cause the rising number of shipwrecks. Waves full of Poseidon's wrath that swallow anyone that dares venture into his dour mood. But this blue, in seafoam, looks much softer and provides a more casual element. Just look at that bag that it's paired with! The pearl of the sea. Really, could it be anymore perfect?



Wednesday, 3 August 2016

chokers by dior

Christian Dior F/W16 Haute Couture
I have sheer weaknesses in fashion as much as the next person. A most recent one that's made itself is the negative space of hemlines that reveal collar bones. And if it's accentuated by collar necklaces or choker, I guarantee that I will swoon. Lately, solid monochromatic has grown on me, a rather startling revelation. I'm beginning to appreciate its striking simplicity and pairing it with statement necklaces makes them pop even more. 

The open collar necklace is evermore attractive. I like that Dior has fashioned the chokers to be rather bold and ornamental, it adds a dimension of daring to the entire look. I find it paradoxical that I prefer my accessories to be more on the muted and  subtle side but I' relieved for my changing preferences, it allows more sides of fashion I could dabble and experiment in.