Monday, 11 July 2016

[throwback collection] Alice Auaa F/W 2013-2014

Alice Auaa's origins began with punk, new wave and gothic influence. This eventually refined itself into a form of elegance and became a major provider of Gothic Lolita. The 2013-2014 Fall-Winter Collection is a feast for the senses. There's a heavy haunted house owned by a witch aesthetic. Spider webs that lurk in every corner, veils that fall wispy across figures all swathed in black and grey. How to conduct a show to leave an entire audience spellbound? Follow its example.

The gentle twinkling of a music box-like music descends upon the crowd. The models walk,  the way the light in that brief moment casts a captivating spotlight, softly illuminating before shrouded in darkness once more like witnessing something sacred . The shadows that fall make their faces appear more hollowed, leaving no doubt for the existence of witches. This is theatre in action.

Halfway through the show, there's an abrupt change in dynamic. As they parade the more avant garde pieces, their standout features flaunted. True to lolita fashion, the embellishments are undoubtedly dollish, in their bell shaped silhouettes and the ruffles.

Just when you think the arachnid motif is subtle, out saunters a very shiny, very realistic abdomen of a spider worn. This dress is done much more tastefully, appearing as if it was knitted from its silky web instead. 

I have a great weakest for the coat-dress hybrid. Particularly if it is designed to be extremely high-waisted and cascading into a long skirt. So much height is afforded that way, and the silhouette immensely flattering. 

The grand finale, the veil swept dramatically, billowing behind her. Majestic. Endng the show with a flourish, by way of the webs descending upon, That's true courage right there. With the morbid doll nestled in one arm, now if this doesn't conjure horror movie flashbacks...

Every piece has been orchestrated immensely well. A refined elegance that only gothic lolita can achieve.



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