Saturday, 9 July 2016

the magic of doxiequeen1

Have you ever encountered someone with such a startling amount of talent that you just sigh at your inadequacy? Angela is one of them. She uses her blog as a platform to document her progress as she makes costumes to form her portfolio. She's not human and as to drive the final nail into the coffin, she's almost predominantly self taught. Simply put, she's remarkably skilled and extremely thorough in her process - both in the research and explanation process. Her creations are extensive, ranging from cosplay to recreation of historical garbs and artworks. Historians would adore her, and her works deserve to the line the halls of museums. Mere words don't illustrate this, so let the pictures be your guide.

Royal Milk Tea by Sakizo. Process. Honestly, I'm in awe. Typically, when something complex is broken down into digestible pieces, it becomes manageable. Even simplified, it remains mystified. I want to sit her down in order to see how her mind works in order to begin dissecting how to begin her craft. 

I'm convinced that in order to create the multitude ruffles of the skirts, she has some device that allowed her to sew clouds to the underlining of her fabric. 

The painstaking effort for socks! She even says as much as well. Another reason to love blogs, for the most part, there's no sugarcoating how much a step can well and truly suck.

Butterfly bodice. I've always been enamoured with unconventional prints and since I've seen a drawing of a skirt formed by interlacing butterfly wings, I've been obsessed. This bodice is equally as stunning and if you have the skill for it, the customisation allowed is neverending. May I suggest sapphire or amethyst? I swear she looks like an enigmatic fairy figure from epics. 

Recreation of Renaissance painting of Isabel De Requesens. Do we need to comment on the amount of effort extorted on the intricacy of the chemise? It's mind-boggling.  The finished work itself is breathtaking. You'd assume that the dress fell out of the frame. 

Elsa. Rhinestones are a girl's best friend. 

Even Cinderella. Disney needs to hire her stat. 

Diaphanous Flower Dresses. She's ambitious, I love her. The Gothic variation has distinct roots in Halloween that make it adorable. Like a witch trying to blend into a human crowd. Only, instead of roses tucked into the tulle, it'd be things like rat skulls for easily accessible potion ingredients. I have a borderline obscene affection for 3D ornamentation in fashion. So no surprise that I latched onto this like a drowning man a life buoy. 

Christmas Angel Costume. I would describe this as a long drawn out sigh of wonder. Saving the best for last. Although seriously, that kind of ranking is moot when essentially everything's she's made qualifies as the best. This would not have looked out of place at this year's MET Gala where the theme was Manux x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology. Did I mention how much I love blogs? Especially for the anecdotes during construction. Like the true match between Newton and the apple. If you burned your hand or sewed your fingers to the fabric due to sleep deprivation, I want to know. Anyway, a spider had made a guest of itself within the skirt which is probably more humorous in retrospect. Ah! In a gown like this, you'd be the belle of the ball.

I'm beginning to see how Medieval, Renaissance etc influence was phased out of fashion and why Alexander McQueen is so highly regarded. The amount of work, that Angela has put in is immeasurable and she deserves every once of respect her way.



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