Sunday, 17 July 2016


Thrust me into Tokyo with only 24 hours, Swankiss is the first place I'd go to. Sorry spinns, you've been dethroned. Although, why would you travel to a place for only 24 hours? I digress. Swankiss is undoubtedly feminine but with enough unique embellishments to warrant a second look and a devoted life following. It's a sweet amalgamation between youthful and ladylike sophistication with a hint of fun and flirtiness. How is that even possible? Basically, if you've outgrown Liz Lisa and are in the need for something toned down but not matronly. The only downside is that it's rather pricey. But with an emphasis on pastel, unexpectedly cohesive layered looks and somehow longer-lengthed garments that don't drown your body is the stark trade-off.



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  1. ???? why i just hear about this??? omg so so pretty!!! the whole collection is lovely and right up my aesthetic (eventhough i'm always dressed in black in daily basis). i'm so gonna go there *-*