Thursday, 7 July 2016

darker than night

Whilst I appreciate the versatility of black, I found that to have it as the main focal made it overbearing. That and when I had my hair black, I had the irrational belief that wearing my hair down along with my entire outfit black, it would appear as though my head was hovering in space. Thank god that was quelled at last. So how did I see the light? Basically, living out of a suitcase forces one to be creative with outfits. For my month travel, I had a single pair of black jeans and for the hell of it, I decided to pair it with a black jumper and as it was subzero, a knit back cardigan and found myself admiring the sleek streamlined effect that the black radiated. Huh. 

Even after that success, I still found myself hesitant to indulge the monochrome. But Stephanie Brown from FAIINT is gleefully swaying me to the darkside. How can she coax so many styles from one colour palette? Textures. Brilliance. Insanity. 

I'm pretty sure this is love. I'm really adore that some of her outfits have that post-apocalyptic aura. Just that casual, yeah, the world's in ruins, but that doesn't mean my fashion sense has to be.



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