Wednesday, 22 June 2016

[designer throwback] ocean elements with Valentino Spring RTW 2015

Now this was a print that was woefully unexecuted. Why was pineapples such a big thing when sunken shipwrecks should've taken precedent? A number of pieces in the Valentino Spring RTW 2015 collection bore trinkets of the sea. Either by playing it safe with starfish embellishments or with something more experimental, like..

Grand ships with obligatory anchors, pufferfish and ...

The floral print of the sea.. coral. 

Or inlaid in the chiffon and silk itself. The colours bear the muted state of the deep ocean, utilising a light and steel blue to create the illusion of luminescence. This isn't the first time that Valentino has turned to nature for inspiration, the galactic era comes to mind. If this is what happens when they draw ideas, what else can nature provide for them to weave into fashion?




  1. the last dress is too pretty ;______;

  2. Great post!

  3. They are all so gorgeous and whimsical!


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