Saturday, 18 June 2016

[throwback collection] lilLilly A/W 2016

lilLilly is a Japanese fashion brand that encapsulates the timelessness of former fashion idols as well as the glitz of celebrities now. What's laudable is that they acknowledge the myriad of personalities that affects one styles and they cater to that by providing basic pieces with a refreshing twist upon them in a way that allows it to become an enduring classic. 

A word to describe the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection? Soft. Very soft. And snuggly. Perhaps that's the cold I'm currently weathering under speaking. lilLilly just solved how to get people out of bed everywhere, make clothes out of blankets tried and tested. It doesn't hurt that the monochrome is created from pastel rather than black and white as well. 

Everything about the outfit on the right is pure win. The silhouette from a midi pencil skirt is incredibly flattering, details on the edges adds an additional layer of interest and dimension. I love the stark contrast of the baby blue coupled with the fact that its off shoulder.

Everything just loos so delightfully fluffy that I could die. Sure off the shoulder knits are hardly practical in winter but the reveal of skin offsets the heaviness of the materials. But really, even if it was paired with a turtleneck instead, the effect would be exquisitely warm. I love the frosted look of the tights, it really plays with the idea of winter to add a whole uniqueness to what would've been a safe, prim outfit. 



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