Tuesday, 7 June 2016

pastel'ed Laboum

Teasers from Laboum's, a female Kpop group, Instagram for their 'Fresh Adventure' comeback earlier this year. This was casual eclectic in all its pastel glory. Pastel is a beautiful anomaly, it's soft enough to tone down louder looks with touches of femininity. The pastel spectrum is ridiculously versatile and wearable, you can isolate any colour and it still works. I wouldn't condemn it for spring only either, fashion is dependant on how its styled, ergo, it's timeless. 

An ode to pink, you were my greatest nemesis in my youth. Thank you for your patience and understanding, 

I've been a fool in love for cobalt since its conception. But this is sheer brilliance by pairing it with a pinstriped shirt. I have seen the light.

Creepers, Timberlands .. shoes I'd never thought I'd love until I happened across them in pastel. Lavender, to be precise. Apparently, that's the only courtship ritual that I need to bear witness to before infatuation occurs. They also provide the opportunity to pair with obnoxiously happy and intricate socks. 

Green wasn't a foe as much as pink was, but then again, I tend to associate any colour that had graced my uniform with abhorrence. Now? Give me all the khaki and olive you can muster. This brighter, emerald (?) has been added to the list as well. I just love the uplifting nature of bright colours. 

Once again, the appearance of a patterned shirt, renewed. All it takes is pastel and the union of something more modern. In this case, yes, pastel, and a crop top at least from this angle. 

How to wear eclectic fashion right.. pastel. 




  1. thank you so much for this post ! This is so my style omg, I'm in love. And these shoe + socks combinations... >w<
    XX - xsunbunx.blogspot.com

  2. Beautiful post!