Thursday, 30 June 2016

how to loungewear with Rachel Green

Friends is one of my most adored TV shows. The dialogue is ingenious and the wit is remarkably ahead of its time. For ten years, its humour never went stale. The scriptwriters must've been paid a fortune alongside the cast. Predictably, my favourite character was Chandler, for his quips that he can generate in less than a second in response. That and the fact that he can be so relateable in his sarcasm or just general realistic outlook on events. But it's Rachel Green's fashion that I am enamoured by. Due to her background, she's fittingly more stylish than the rest of the cast. Never outlandish but quirky enough to set her apart from the typical office crowd. And, she has the incredible ability of making lazy loungewear look positively dreamy. But what you can't discount is how she made a name for herself. Running away from her wedding, and from what would've been guaranteed lifelong security (supposedly since her husband was prone to affairs), to working as a waitress for three years to being offered a job at Gucci in Paris by the end of the series. A true inspiration and an example there are more paths than college education to achieve your goals. 

I swear I don't look half as good in plaid. 

Due to the setting, I'm sure this was meant to be grandmother chic as opposed to pyjamas. But you can't omit the combination of plaid and an oversized cardigan! They're the two essential ingredients for comfort. 

And slouchy jumpers. No arguments. There, now you have the tried and tested Rachel Green method as to how to look comfortably stylish without trying at home. Basically, bring the outings to your door and settle for very low key events with your friends. Lazing about on the floor as they leech your wifi? Sounds like a magical evening to me.



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