Sunday, 12 June 2016

Highlights of the Highlights of the Resort '17 Collections

Perhaps it's in the nature of winter, the hues of colour plummeting proportionately with the temperature that's had me latch onto everything bright that the Resort 2017 Collections had to offer. I also gravitated to a few unfamiliar designers that will no doubt be the budding of an obsession. A lot caught my eye, so let's not waste time... that and .. the fact that my exams had messed with an otherwise consistent blogging schedule. 
I've always associated Givenchy with that high class, monochromatic sophistication.. in other words, a box I'm long tucking under the bed, away from prying eyes. So I was pleasantly surprised that it appealed to my avant garde tastes. The soft pink and tulle counteract with the utilitarian buckles and the otherwise strong elements. In essence, that rugged Final Fantasy look where its feminine but capable of lasting a 3 day trek across mountains and slaying an upstart conqueror. 

Delpozo's collection draws upon several artistic inspirations for its conception. The ones that I particularly liked were inspired by the work of French ur-director and illusionist Georges Méliès, resulting in sky-worship and an abundance of stella prints. There's a clear reminder of its roots with a rare functionality entwined within the pieces. Cuffs and collars embellished to the pinnacle of couture could be easily removed for the protection against cruel washing machines and even the crop tops themselves were designed with built-in boning and concealed closures for ease of wear. Now if we get designers to provide functional pockets, we'll be reminded of the fact that they truly design the clothes for us. It's obvious with pastels, details such as collars and the other end electrifying palette is what drew my attention. 
In contrast to their exquisite gowns, Jonathan Simkhai provided a modern flair in his rendition of wearable daywear. Which includes, my current weakness, lacing ribbons through crisp white buttoned shirts and opting for wide leg trousers with a restrained theatrical ruffled flair as opposed to a slim fit.
I can give credit to where it's due. So although the themes of Games of Thrones are repulsive, I would not mind being cast as an extra so long as I get to prance around in exquisite gowns all day. As if my love for Disney hasn't been made clear.. is it a crime to want to spend every living moment in a garment that looks like it was threaded together by magic? Honestly, I could pick any dress from the Marchesa Resort 2017 line and would weep freely and happily for it to be my wedding dress. or just a celebratory frock I can buy groceries in. 3D floral embellishments have been sweetly charming me lately and don't get me started on dresses with unconventional hems.. anything with modern touches into classics will leave me weak.  

Thom Browne's vision of an updated uniform is this, deconstruction. With that, we take your beloved pleated skirts and slice them askew. Bizarrely enough, I'm quite enamoured with the effect. Enamoured to the extent whereby if my uniform back in high school had looked like this, I would gladly wear it everyday for the rest of my life. That and you know I'm a sucker for pastel yellow. And blazers. .. And pleats.. and the preppy style. Wow, you'd think I'd have loved my old uniform. 
If Marie Antoinette fell into this decade, this is what she'd carry off flawlessly to blend seamlessly into the crowd. Almost. Fashion exists at your whim. But I've noticed that taming ostentatious pieces with traditional elements acts as an amplifier and results in a style that is lauded. So basically, we're hacking off all the bell sleeves from thrift store dresses and wearing them over our businesswear and challenging contradiction. Sounds like a marvellous pastime.

So, did anything catch your eye this week?




  1. Great post! Love all the collections.


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