Saturday, 25 June 2016

[designer throwback] Red Valentino F/W 2015


As much as I love and wish to wear sweeping ballgowns every day of my life, I have a softspot for collections are more wearable, the Red Valentino F/W 2015 line was one of them. The whole line is what your typical heroine would wear, the you live through by proxy. The who one is remarkably more tame in comparison to her wayward friend. This is achieved by outerwear such as cardigans, long blazers, scarves and denim to mute the outfit. But to keep it from fading into wallflower territory, unique circus prints and lips and swirled into the mix. 

This softened mint against grey is a match made in heaven. Sometimes, simplicity is best. 

And here we wander into a more casual territory. It does have a Parisian chic vibe to it, perfect for spontaneous outings or a day of classes. 

How to bring glam into your everyday life? It starts with mixing metallics, fur and sequins into your everyday wardrobe and letting the chips fall as they may. It's remarkable, the effect of just one statement piece, which all the more, increases the longevity of your wardrobe. 



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  1. oh my, they're so beautiful and dreamy but also wearable. i love everything!