Wednesday, 15 June 2016

[designer throwback] Elie Saab Spring 2016 RTW

Elie Saab, known for their romantic gowns lavished with embellishments is just one of those labels that seems to be the epitome of art. I could pick a dress blindfolded and be content with wearing it at my wedding. The transformation from singular use at balls to steal the spotlight from Cinderella to sophisticated high teas begins with a graphic floral print, bold stripes and bomber jackets thrown over. Elegant nonchalance. This is literally, how you get ready in 10 seconds. But there's a stark reminder that it isn't about to abandon it's roots with long, black sweeping gowns, that looks as though the stars have been sewn into the fabric. Seriously, why hasn't any benevolent Disney Princess rocked black? Sure, they're quite dashing on our villains but let's not maintain such a rigid worldview shall we?

I really love the looks in the bottom row. The silhouette of a high neckline, the casualness of a striped long vest thrown other that acts as an outfit's cohesiveness and everything about that romper is just pure win. First of all, it's a romper. Flutter. Sleeves. Stripes and florals together. Who are the scientists working to devise the winning formula for Elie Saab? They'll need maximum protection against this stampeding herd. 




  1. wow very beautiful collection

  2. Such a bold collection! x

  3. Amazing collection!

  4. I love how vibrant & colorful everything is. Everything makes its own impact. :]

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