Saturday, 4 June 2016

cape in floral

Blumarine Fall 2013
It's winter, or what passes as winter. I don't care, pile three layers of knits on me even if I'm positively perspiring underneath, let me wear trench coats with mild fear of heatstroke and blazers like no one's business.

I blame my insistence of cramming everything I own into bags for a perpetual state of prepared and the fact that my forgetfulness makes clutches a risky endeavour. Due to this, I don't really know how to wear capes. I always proclaim that my phone is my life so perhaps leaving the house with merely that in my pockets would suffice. People manage to stuff puppies down their front so maybe I can find a way to manage... or be convinced. The cape from the Blumarine Fall 2013 is exquisite if impractical. But Sydney's winter hardly deserves its title so that aside, it'd make the perfect outerwear. A cape of connecting flowers of fur. A how to guide to weave daintiness within heaviness. It's perfect. Another thing I really love about capes is that it leaves your arms for customisation. Do you play up the contrast of silhouettes? And wear formfitting sleeves? Or do you play with textures and provide a backdrop of lace or sequins instead. or perhaps you'd just laden yourself with intense jewellery instead.

So here's to my overwhelming unrequited love for capes. As is the case, it's a relationship destined to be only one derived from pain. Macabre. 



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