Thursday, 30 June 2016

how to loungewear with Rachel Green

Friends is one of my most adored TV shows. The dialogue is ingenious and the wit is remarkably ahead of its time. For ten years, its humour never went stale. The scriptwriters must've been paid a fortune alongside the cast. Predictably, my favourite character was Chandler, for his quips that he can generate in less than a second in response. That and the fact that he can be so relateable in his sarcasm or just general realistic outlook on events. But it's Rachel Green's fashion that I am enamoured by. Due to her background, she's fittingly more stylish than the rest of the cast. Never outlandish but quirky enough to set her apart from the typical office crowd. And, she has the incredible ability of making lazy loungewear look positively dreamy. But what you can't discount is how she made a name for herself. Running away from her wedding, and from what would've been guaranteed lifelong security (supposedly since her husband was prone to affairs), to working as a waitress for three years to being offered a job at Gucci in Paris by the end of the series. A true inspiration and an example there are more paths than college education to achieve your goals. 

I swear I don't look half as good in plaid. 

Due to the setting, I'm sure this was meant to be grandmother chic as opposed to pyjamas. But you can't omit the combination of plaid and an oversized cardigan! They're the two essential ingredients for comfort. 

And slouchy jumpers. No arguments. There, now you have the tried and tested Rachel Green method as to how to look comfortably stylish without trying at home. Basically, bring the outings to your door and settle for very low key events with your friends. Lazing about on the floor as they leech your wifi? Sounds like a magical evening to me.



Saturday, 25 June 2016

[designer throwback] Red Valentino F/W 2015


As much as I love and wish to wear sweeping ballgowns every day of my life, I have a softspot for collections are more wearable, the Red Valentino F/W 2015 line was one of them. The whole line is what your typical heroine would wear, the you live through by proxy. The who one is remarkably more tame in comparison to her wayward friend. This is achieved by outerwear such as cardigans, long blazers, scarves and denim to mute the outfit. But to keep it from fading into wallflower territory, unique circus prints and lips and swirled into the mix. 

This softened mint against grey is a match made in heaven. Sometimes, simplicity is best. 

And here we wander into a more casual territory. It does have a Parisian chic vibe to it, perfect for spontaneous outings or a day of classes. 

How to bring glam into your everyday life? It starts with mixing metallics, fur and sequins into your everyday wardrobe and letting the chips fall as they may. It's remarkable, the effect of just one statement piece, which all the more, increases the longevity of your wardrobe. 



Wednesday, 22 June 2016

[designer throwback] ocean elements with Valentino Spring RTW 2015

Now this was a print that was woefully unexecuted. Why was pineapples such a big thing when sunken shipwrecks should've taken precedent? A number of pieces in the Valentino Spring RTW 2015 collection bore trinkets of the sea. Either by playing it safe with starfish embellishments or with something more experimental, like..

Grand ships with obligatory anchors, pufferfish and ...

The floral print of the sea.. coral. 

Or inlaid in the chiffon and silk itself. The colours bear the muted state of the deep ocean, utilising a light and steel blue to create the illusion of luminescence. This isn't the first time that Valentino has turned to nature for inspiration, the galactic era comes to mind. If this is what happens when they draw ideas, what else can nature provide for them to weave into fashion?



Saturday, 18 June 2016

[throwback collection] lilLilly A/W 2016

lilLilly is a Japanese fashion brand that encapsulates the timelessness of former fashion idols as well as the glitz of celebrities now. What's laudable is that they acknowledge the myriad of personalities that affects one styles and they cater to that by providing basic pieces with a refreshing twist upon them in a way that allows it to become an enduring classic. 

A word to describe the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection? Soft. Very soft. And snuggly. Perhaps that's the cold I'm currently weathering under speaking. lilLilly just solved how to get people out of bed everywhere, make clothes out of blankets tried and tested. It doesn't hurt that the monochrome is created from pastel rather than black and white as well. 

Everything about the outfit on the right is pure win. The silhouette from a midi pencil skirt is incredibly flattering, details on the edges adds an additional layer of interest and dimension. I love the stark contrast of the baby blue coupled with the fact that its off shoulder.

Everything just loos so delightfully fluffy that I could die. Sure off the shoulder knits are hardly practical in winter but the reveal of skin offsets the heaviness of the materials. But really, even if it was paired with a turtleneck instead, the effect would be exquisitely warm. I love the frosted look of the tights, it really plays with the idea of winter to add a whole uniqueness to what would've been a safe, prim outfit. 



Wednesday, 15 June 2016

[designer throwback] Elie Saab Spring 2016 RTW

Elie Saab, known for their romantic gowns lavished with embellishments is just one of those labels that seems to be the epitome of art. I could pick a dress blindfolded and be content with wearing it at my wedding. The transformation from singular use at balls to steal the spotlight from Cinderella to sophisticated high teas begins with a graphic floral print, bold stripes and bomber jackets thrown over. Elegant nonchalance. This is literally, how you get ready in 10 seconds. But there's a stark reminder that it isn't about to abandon it's roots with long, black sweeping gowns, that looks as though the stars have been sewn into the fabric. Seriously, why hasn't any benevolent Disney Princess rocked black? Sure, they're quite dashing on our villains but let's not maintain such a rigid worldview shall we?

I really love the looks in the bottom row. The silhouette of a high neckline, the casualness of a striped long vest thrown other that acts as an outfit's cohesiveness and everything about that romper is just pure win. First of all, it's a romper. Flutter. Sleeves. Stripes and florals together. Who are the scientists working to devise the winning formula for Elie Saab? They'll need maximum protection against this stampeding herd. 



Sunday, 12 June 2016

Highlights of the Highlights of the Resort '17 Collections

Perhaps it's in the nature of winter, the hues of colour plummeting proportionately with the temperature that's had me latch onto everything bright that the Resort 2017 Collections had to offer. I also gravitated to a few unfamiliar designers that will no doubt be the budding of an obsession. A lot caught my eye, so let's not waste time... that and .. the fact that my exams had messed with an otherwise consistent blogging schedule. 
I've always associated Givenchy with that high class, monochromatic sophistication.. in other words, a box I'm long tucking under the bed, away from prying eyes. So I was pleasantly surprised that it appealed to my avant garde tastes. The soft pink and tulle counteract with the utilitarian buckles and the otherwise strong elements. In essence, that rugged Final Fantasy look where its feminine but capable of lasting a 3 day trek across mountains and slaying an upstart conqueror. 

Delpozo's collection draws upon several artistic inspirations for its conception. The ones that I particularly liked were inspired by the work of French ur-director and illusionist Georges Méliès, resulting in sky-worship and an abundance of stella prints. There's a clear reminder of its roots with a rare functionality entwined within the pieces. Cuffs and collars embellished to the pinnacle of couture could be easily removed for the protection against cruel washing machines and even the crop tops themselves were designed with built-in boning and concealed closures for ease of wear. Now if we get designers to provide functional pockets, we'll be reminded of the fact that they truly design the clothes for us. It's obvious with pastels, details such as collars and the other end electrifying palette is what drew my attention. 
In contrast to their exquisite gowns, Jonathan Simkhai provided a modern flair in his rendition of wearable daywear. Which includes, my current weakness, lacing ribbons through crisp white buttoned shirts and opting for wide leg trousers with a restrained theatrical ruffled flair as opposed to a slim fit.
I can give credit to where it's due. So although the themes of Games of Thrones are repulsive, I would not mind being cast as an extra so long as I get to prance around in exquisite gowns all day. As if my love for Disney hasn't been made clear.. is it a crime to want to spend every living moment in a garment that looks like it was threaded together by magic? Honestly, I could pick any dress from the Marchesa Resort 2017 line and would weep freely and happily for it to be my wedding dress. or just a celebratory frock I can buy groceries in. 3D floral embellishments have been sweetly charming me lately and don't get me started on dresses with unconventional hems.. anything with modern touches into classics will leave me weak.  

Thom Browne's vision of an updated uniform is this, deconstruction. With that, we take your beloved pleated skirts and slice them askew. Bizarrely enough, I'm quite enamoured with the effect. Enamoured to the extent whereby if my uniform back in high school had looked like this, I would gladly wear it everyday for the rest of my life. That and you know I'm a sucker for pastel yellow. And blazers. .. And pleats.. and the preppy style. Wow, you'd think I'd have loved my old uniform. 
If Marie Antoinette fell into this decade, this is what she'd carry off flawlessly to blend seamlessly into the crowd. Almost. Fashion exists at your whim. But I've noticed that taming ostentatious pieces with traditional elements acts as an amplifier and results in a style that is lauded. So basically, we're hacking off all the bell sleeves from thrift store dresses and wearing them over our businesswear and challenging contradiction. Sounds like a marvellous pastime.

So, did anything catch your eye this week?



Tuesday, 7 June 2016

pastel'ed Laboum

Teasers from Laboum's, a female Kpop group, Instagram for their 'Fresh Adventure' comeback earlier this year. This was casual eclectic in all its pastel glory. Pastel is a beautiful anomaly, it's soft enough to tone down louder looks with touches of femininity. The pastel spectrum is ridiculously versatile and wearable, you can isolate any colour and it still works. I wouldn't condemn it for spring only either, fashion is dependant on how its styled, ergo, it's timeless. 

An ode to pink, you were my greatest nemesis in my youth. Thank you for your patience and understanding, 

I've been a fool in love for cobalt since its conception. But this is sheer brilliance by pairing it with a pinstriped shirt. I have seen the light.

Creepers, Timberlands .. shoes I'd never thought I'd love until I happened across them in pastel. Lavender, to be precise. Apparently, that's the only courtship ritual that I need to bear witness to before infatuation occurs. They also provide the opportunity to pair with obnoxiously happy and intricate socks. 

Green wasn't a foe as much as pink was, but then again, I tend to associate any colour that had graced my uniform with abhorrence. Now? Give me all the khaki and olive you can muster. This brighter, emerald (?) has been added to the list as well. I just love the uplifting nature of bright colours. 

Once again, the appearance of a patterned shirt, renewed. All it takes is pastel and the union of something more modern. In this case, yes, pastel, and a crop top at least from this angle. 

How to wear eclectic fashion right.. pastel. 



Saturday, 4 June 2016

cape in floral

Blumarine Fall 2013
It's winter, or what passes as winter. I don't care, pile three layers of knits on me even if I'm positively perspiring underneath, let me wear trench coats with mild fear of heatstroke and blazers like no one's business.

I blame my insistence of cramming everything I own into bags for a perpetual state of prepared and the fact that my forgetfulness makes clutches a risky endeavour. Due to this, I don't really know how to wear capes. I always proclaim that my phone is my life so perhaps leaving the house with merely that in my pockets would suffice. People manage to stuff puppies down their front so maybe I can find a way to manage... or be convinced. The cape from the Blumarine Fall 2013 is exquisite if impractical. But Sydney's winter hardly deserves its title so that aside, it'd make the perfect outerwear. A cape of connecting flowers of fur. A how to guide to weave daintiness within heaviness. It's perfect. Another thing I really love about capes is that it leaves your arms for customisation. Do you play up the contrast of silhouettes? And wear formfitting sleeves? Or do you play with textures and provide a backdrop of lace or sequins instead. or perhaps you'd just laden yourself with intense jewellery instead.

So here's to my overwhelming unrequited love for capes. As is the case, it's a relationship destined to be only one derived from pain. Macabre.