Friday, 20 May 2016

ROMANCE WAS BORN '16/'17 Resort

Librance Angels' was the theme adopted by Romance was Born. Achieved with tight curls and red painted cupid bow lips and jewelled teardrops and pastel eye shadow and glitter brows and frocks with tassels and frocks that contain every colour of the spectrum .. there's no such thing as restraint. Although it does play tantalisingly with the line of 'clownish'. But if there were no labels such as Romance was Born, can you imagine the conformity? The abject fear of experimentation? Perhaps it may be miss rather than hit to most. But what that provides is a much higher standard for a more restrained eye to be converted into something far more approachable yet glitzy.  

It's a welcome visual cleanser for the destined drab monotone that's guaranteed to wash out Sydney's streets come winter. Anything that looks like you've got into a fight with a prismatic peacock and lost is bound to be a winner. 

Doesn't this look like what Mozart would appear if he was reincarnated in this era? Obnoxious frills with the radius of the earth and all. I'm a bit soft on prints that resemble anything musical whether it be the piano keys themselves or an Italian term. It acts as a throwback to my younger self where I would be forcibly tethered to my piano and made to practice. Stockholm syndrome. 

Romance was Born never fails to disappoint, and I'm glad it popped up on my radar. 




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