Friday, 13 May 2016


Here are some objects of stability in my life. What? Who says I'm prone to hyperbole? Or, to dial down the theatrics, here are some of my favourite things.  

I'm very particular with foundation or BB cream and I've yet to find a holy grail. All I wish is for decent coverage with the 'barely there' sensation. But so far, I haven't had much luck with one that blends seamlessly into my skin and tone. I have an interesting relationship with Benefit, they were actually the first makeup brand that I ever used.. and they punched an impression in my memory by the huge dent they left in my savings. The some kind a gorgeous foundation almost feels like a moisturiser and has a powder finish but it doesn't look as seamless as I would like but for now, it really does make a remarkable difference to my under eye circles.

These shorts by Mika and Gala that I picked up for $4 are just perfection. A gorgeous cyan colour, a high waist and a style that flirts with casual and prim effortlessly. The fact that it has deep pockets has me head over heels. 

I deeply love the daintiness of thin jewellery, especially ones that sit very high on the collarbones. With the stars, it looks like a soft dusting of constellations across them. 

I received clean it ZERO from Banila and co. as a sample and now .. I've been hoodwinked to buy the full size. It's a remarkable product for melting away even the most stubborn of gel eyeliners. 

The lilac unicorn ring I got from Closet Child Shinjuku is the easiest addition of unique touches. And, it's adjustable to wear on any finger. I miss Tokyo, every facet of its fashion seems to possess a glimmer of magic for individuality,  


  1. Nice post, Benefit is one of my fav brand of makeup

  2. Love the colour of the shorts and what a great price! Definitely want to check out the foundation, Benefit products are some of the best.