Monday, 9 May 2016


Viktor & Rolf HC FW 15
How literal can you take a concept? Two words. Wearable art. It's like a game you and your friends play we're you're purposefully trying to one up the other in sheer ridiculousness. Then one of your says something that has you rolling about in absolute mirth. But when the skies clear, oh, it hits you. That.. that's actually quite.. ingenious. This collection was no doubt spun with surrealism. It lingers in the gold gilt frames that behave as the hem lines. That provide jaggedness in contrast to the flow of canvas. I've been captivated by minimalism in all its simplicity as of late. Paradox exists in effortlessness. 

I thought a collared down shirt was the bare boned foundation. I was wrong. Stripped of that, the effect is cleaner, fresher. And provides sharper relief to whatever bizarre, avant grande thing that you forcibly marry it with. Denim always acts as a safe buffer and it's that waist of a paperbag skirt that I adore. The list to why I love fashion continues to grow and grow, I'm sure it's formed a winding path to the North Pole by now. Wearable art. Because you're one with the gallery .. a masterpiece. 




  1. oomggg this is genius! and definitely beautiful!

  2. Incredible, such a creative design!


  3. Interesting : ) One mustn't exagerate, but I can imagine that in small doses this 'art inspiration' can benefit out closets ; )

  4. Great article, and this Viktor & Rolf skirt really look amazing !


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