Sunday, 1 May 2016


Simon Spurr, Fall 2011 
I have many deep loves in this universe. All of which seem to revolve around optimal beauty for minimum effort. Coincidence? Collared shirts, double breasted navy blazers are the very tip of iceberg that fall within this category. These foundations mixed with my enamoured whimsy are guaranteed to leave me stymied ... and desperate longing but let's not dwell on that. This shirt from Simon Purr, 2011, did not ruffle anyone's feathers. It's.. brilliance. 

The tip of the shirt that just peeks out from a buttoned blazer, especially if stark white, creates that quintessential polished look. Feathers would've destroyed that image. But here, it's cleverly retained by absorbing the colour of the jacket to mute it. Stark elegance. There's a paradox if anyone sought one. Of course, there's nothing wrong with simply running with the obnoxiousness by amping the colour to something more eye-catching, but I'm sure it would get a few raised eyebrows in an office. 

As if there wasn't enough intrigue, a lapel pin bearing a single feather refines it. Here are new elements to be considered when wearing a blazer. Either, your collar must be extravagant, or a few lapel pins must be heartily mediated and finally, change the texture of your shirt entirely and consider.. feathers. 




  1. Wow ! Cool

  2. Fantastic.
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  3. It is awesome.... yet personally I wouldnt wear it! :)
    Great post dear

  4. cool!!

  5. What an interesting trend. I can't say that I own anything feathered. A cool, extravagant collar sounds fun though. :]

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