Wednesday, 11 May 2016

down the rabbithole

Admittedly it's not difficult to render me speechless. Admittedly. But if you can merrily comment down below that these .. didn't just alter the very fabric of life, you're either very good at lying or in a high state of life contemplation denial. These works of art are part of the Alice in Wonderland collection, 'Flowers Can't Talk' from Irregular Choice. Yes, they're real and they can be purchased. And yours. Ah. what's that sound? Oh, just the sound of my bank account crashing and burning around me. 

Just how many times must I be buried by the magnificence of fashion before I have repented? Clearly it's only going to happen once I've lived for all eternity. Now here's another reason to act as an advocate for humanity's desire for eternity, to be around for the ever-morphing beauty of fashion. Alright, so they may be a tad overt, obnoxious, ostentatious ..  but they're beautiful. 
Possibly the most toned down of the bunch, and that's saying something considering how it's covered in glitter and possesses Alice as a heel. 

I've never been more relieved that fashion has grown to incorporate more flats. But just look at the detail. 

Every shoe in this collection is mesmerizing but this.. I have a burning want that it borderline dangerous. I never thought these style of boots would appeal to me, clearly it was because it didn't have clashing harmonic prints in blue, polkadot bows and a teapot set for heels. 

I'm.. I'm going to have to need someone to hold me and rock me to sleep after this. I've always been a far off admirer of Irregular Choice but .. I now might become a staunch follower. 




  1. so cute!

  2. Cool and unique shoes!

  3. These shoes are so unique. Very whimsical. You should look are John Fluevog shoes as well!

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  4. Awesome pictures! Love the inspiration! :)
    XO from Germany

  5. these shoes are amazing!