Tuesday, 3 May 2016

crown of thorns

Headpiece - Alexander Mcqueen A/W 1996 Collection, 'Dante', photographed for V&A Savage Beauty Exhibit
The show's theme was religion being the cause of war. Fashion's so irrelevant to life, but you can't forget the world' - Lee Alexander McQueen 
Religion is a topic that only sparks heated debate. From its conception to how it is perceived individually. Regardless, there is something worth delving into when we consider how much Western Civilisation is built on the notions of Christianity; which is then imposed on everyone to follow. Everyone's allowed to go home for Christmas, right? But is the same significance drawn out for Lunar New Year? Right. To proclaim fashion is irrelevant as a designer is all kinds of ironic and pretentious, as if it sets you apart from being vapid. But if it's in the mission statement, it must be gospel!

People should be allowed to like whatever they desire no matter how shallow it is deemed (unless it's harmful to the general public). Perhaps in the textiles that you adorn your body with, it becomes impenetrable armour. An unseen veneer of strength. So superficial? Pointless? Don't you dare. So there is a savage beauty in fashion.

I never understood the importance of accessories. Oh, the naivety. For all my harping on milking the most out of your money when it comes to fashion, I neglected an immensely important sect. A simple dress transcends realms with cleverly chosen pieces. Add a scarf as a belt, wear those chains, rings the size of Jupiter.. I've seen reason. The headpiece almost looks dainty and fragile, but its thinness beguiles a not so subtle fierceness. If I wanted to look like a Queen without effort, I'd wear this everyday. What about you? Is there an accessory that you swear is the ultimate transformer?




  1. SO RAD!


  2. Such a beautiful crown. Really great post dear! :)

    xo, Inès from http://sistersandglitters.com/

  3. So cool!

    Mademoiselle Coconath


  4. This is such a cool crown, I love this quite a bit! So edgy and cool xx adaatude.com