Sunday, 22 May 2016

an eyeful from malicious.x

Everyone will go through this once in their lifetime. The awkward, 'I just got a new number.. time to spread the news'. Which of course will then prompt the texting of numbers with the, 'hey! can you add this number? I just changed it". That's the conventional, more sensible option. Or.. you could channel the knowledge gleaned from horrendous horror movie tropes you've seen over the years and text your dear, sweet friends who've stuck with you through thick and thin, "I can see you,". Just me? Okay. ... I also texted, 'bless you' and 'I can hear you'. I don't really .. recommend .. that.. 

And now, designed by Japanese special effects artist, designer and Harajuku street snap model, MALICIOUS.X  you can watch your friends' every move with their handmade eyeball bags.. and teeth! The eyes are insanely realistic .. and eerie. If you're the kind of person that finds it difficult falling asleep facing a mirror, I do not suggest propping this up to be the first thing you lay eye on every morning. Uniquely, they also have studs for lashes. As the bag itself is a solid black, it'd be incredibly versatile and it adds a touch of creepiness that can't be emulated elsewhere. So if someone's giving you a bit too much of an eyeful, just hold it up and stare right back. 

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