Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Alice McCall Resort '16/'17

Never forget that your parents were hip in their time. And your grandparents in their era. Now that's a spine-tingling thought. All we need is twenty years on us before someone coos at how adorably retro was the 2000s? Horrifying. Wrapping up Fashion Week, Alice McCall broke the runway mould for a live installation show inside. Transforming the Porteno restaurant in Surry Hills into a temporary photoshoot, a snapshot of your grandma's living room into today's age. As charming as old-fashioned phones are, their lack of a digital screen which acts as a reassurance against pressing a number twice is off-putting. Didn't that get awfully specific?

The passage of time proves to be the biggest juxtaposition of all. It's almost jarring. Especially with Alice McCall's trademark embellishments against an 'oh god, never thought I'd see that colour combination again, and my god is it bringing back nostalgia??' backdrop.
White and stripes will confuse future historians forever. Good luck trying to place a timeframe on fashion. Unless we bring back something crazily overt, this century seems to blend within, 
I'm sure I could see pastel where there isn't. I just love the softness of it, how it seems to possess its own gravity to settle daintily on one's frame. Ahh yes, the faded floral wallpaper.. I swear you could displace any of us in an unfamiliar grandparent's house but upon seeing that trademark, your first response would be 'grandmother??'. The trumpet sleeves are a nice nod to that era, blending seamlessly into the contemporary cut with the signature embellishments that McCall is known for. 

An interesting execution and fulfilled McCall's vision. The whole thing screams of nostalgic charm that begs to grace Instagram feeds.




  1. Love this collection!! So cool! xo

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  3. I'm loving the romantic pastel pieces and all the attention to detail. If only I could pull off those looks now, haha.


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  5. Love this collection!
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