Tuesday, 31 May 2016

[designer throwback] ulyana sergeenko fw/11

The first thought that struck me about this collection was retro in a Siberian landscape courtesy of the fur and the skyscaper high heeled boots (as well as the fact that it looked durable enough to stand against harsh climates). I admit that I am rather impressionable and insignificant details tend to stick to me for years. Why am I telling you this? I once saw a photo set of Russian women dressed to the nines... walking across perilous snow and ice in heels as though it was anything but. Hardcore. these are the heroes in fashion. 

As it turns out, these are part of Ulyana Sergeenko's Fall/Winter 2011 line. This was the Russian designer's debut. I have incredible intuitive fashion sense. She couldn't have curated a better start to her career. I find myself gravitating towards vintage and a great number of the collection are conservative in length, still elegant without being stifling. And better yet? Five years later, this style is very much wearable.

I've mentioned that I am partial to the 1940s vintage and I have Peggy Carter to thank for that. Admittedly, I thought that would be the maximum skirt length for me. And yet here I am proven wrong with skirts that decorate the ground. It's all in the silhouette. 



Saturday, 28 May 2016

Lips made by Etude House

If there's anything the internet has taught me about makeup it's that killer eyeliner, defined brows and a vibrant lip is your be all end all routine. Sure you can contour, conceal every flaw on your face to return it to factory settings.. uh.. highlight ...? I clearly know my way around a makeup brush. Thankfully, the trifecta is easy (-ish) to accomplish and only requires a few products. 

I love the colour that adorns your lips. From the intimidatingly striking red that appears as though you've drained someone of their blood, the vibrant orange that is summer personified, purple in all its mysterious wonder, pink in a sweet daydream .. haven't yet tried the nude that's ever popular these days, but for now I (and my wallet begs for it) am content, 

On my trip to Seoul last year, I picked up some lip products from Etude House in a quest for the perfect shades. 

3 from Color in Liquid Lips in the shades PP502, RD301 and RD 302, 3 from Color Lips-fit in RD301, OR201, and PP501 and 1 from Dear My Wish in OR302. 

The Color in Liquid Lips and Color Lips-fit are as you would expect, liquid lipsticks and can be doubled as cheek products as well. Even the ones in purple lend particularly well to a delightful shading, unfortunate if you're into more bolder or unusual looks though. With the Color in Liquid Lips, a little definitely goes a long away, and it settles slightly matte but extremely transferable. In saying that, the pigmentation is insane. Especially since I chose volatile reds, they would be seen, kilometres away, without the aid of telescopes.. vividly.  The Color Lips-fit on the otherhand, have a powdery finish that works as a blush but isn't particularly pleasant on the lips. The OR201 in particular gets reduced to a cheap, plasticy shade of orange that degrades its attempt at summer. I have been vying for a bright orange lipstick for the longest time and I thought it would be fulfilled with Dear My Wish in OR302. The colour itself, is more marriage with red and thus, doesn't have the stark brightness I was hoping for. The formula is very moisturising, however, so don't go brushing off this line just yet!

 Am I entirely satisfied with them? The colours are striking enough, but it's the extreme transferableness that lets it down. But I do love the fact that you can be very frugal with it, and the fact that the red makes you look like a modern-day vampire on the prowl. But it definitely begs for attention during the day, so I would not go wedding-gown shopping with them recklessly. Or perhaps it's the fact that they're liquid lipsticks .. either way, for the time being, I'm satisfied with them.



Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Alice McCall Resort '16/'17

Never forget that your parents were hip in their time. And your grandparents in their era. Now that's a spine-tingling thought. All we need is twenty years on us before someone coos at how adorably retro was the 2000s? Horrifying. Wrapping up Fashion Week, Alice McCall broke the runway mould for a live installation show inside. Transforming the Porteno restaurant in Surry Hills into a temporary photoshoot, a snapshot of your grandma's living room into today's age. As charming as old-fashioned phones are, their lack of a digital screen which acts as a reassurance against pressing a number twice is off-putting. Didn't that get awfully specific?

The passage of time proves to be the biggest juxtaposition of all. It's almost jarring. Especially with Alice McCall's trademark embellishments against an 'oh god, never thought I'd see that colour combination again, and my god is it bringing back nostalgia??' backdrop.
White and stripes will confuse future historians forever. Good luck trying to place a timeframe on fashion. Unless we bring back something crazily overt, this century seems to blend within, 
I'm sure I could see pastel where there isn't. I just love the softness of it, how it seems to possess its own gravity to settle daintily on one's frame. Ahh yes, the faded floral wallpaper.. I swear you could displace any of us in an unfamiliar grandparent's house but upon seeing that trademark, your first response would be 'grandmother??'. The trumpet sleeves are a nice nod to that era, blending seamlessly into the contemporary cut with the signature embellishments that McCall is known for. 

An interesting execution and fulfilled McCall's vision. The whole thing screams of nostalgic charm that begs to grace Instagram feeds.



Sunday, 22 May 2016

an eyeful from malicious.x

Everyone will go through this once in their lifetime. The awkward, 'I just got a new number.. time to spread the news'. Which of course will then prompt the texting of numbers with the, 'hey! can you add this number? I just changed it". That's the conventional, more sensible option. Or.. you could channel the knowledge gleaned from horrendous horror movie tropes you've seen over the years and text your dear, sweet friends who've stuck with you through thick and thin, "I can see you,". Just me? Okay. ... I also texted, 'bless you' and 'I can hear you'. I don't really .. recommend .. that.. 

And now, designed by Japanese special effects artist, designer and Harajuku street snap model, MALICIOUS.X  you can watch your friends' every move with their handmade eyeball bags.. and teeth! The eyes are insanely realistic .. and eerie. If you're the kind of person that finds it difficult falling asleep facing a mirror, I do not suggest propping this up to be the first thing you lay eye on every morning. Uniquely, they also have studs for lashes. As the bag itself is a solid black, it'd be incredibly versatile and it adds a touch of creepiness that can't be emulated elsewhere. So if someone's giving you a bit too much of an eyeful, just hold it up and stare right back. 

Check out the rest of the acessories from MALICIOUS.X here!



Friday, 20 May 2016

ROMANCE WAS BORN '16/'17 Resort

Librance Angels' was the theme adopted by Romance was Born. Achieved with tight curls and red painted cupid bow lips and jewelled teardrops and pastel eye shadow and glitter brows and frocks with tassels and frocks that contain every colour of the spectrum .. there's no such thing as restraint. Although it does play tantalisingly with the line of 'clownish'. But if there were no labels such as Romance was Born, can you imagine the conformity? The abject fear of experimentation? Perhaps it may be miss rather than hit to most. But what that provides is a much higher standard for a more restrained eye to be converted into something far more approachable yet glitzy.  

It's a welcome visual cleanser for the destined drab monotone that's guaranteed to wash out Sydney's streets come winter. Anything that looks like you've got into a fight with a prismatic peacock and lost is bound to be a winner. 

Doesn't this look like what Mozart would appear if he was reincarnated in this era? Obnoxious frills with the radius of the earth and all. I'm a bit soft on prints that resemble anything musical whether it be the piano keys themselves or an Italian term. It acts as a throwback to my younger self where I would be forcibly tethered to my piano and made to practice. Stockholm syndrome. 

Romance was Born never fails to disappoint, and I'm glad it popped up on my radar. 



Monday, 16 May 2016

the asphalt is your stage

Fashion Week in Australia is in full swing as I sob over photos and over my stubborn workload that refuses to decrease. Next time. Maybe then I'll have the foresight to do everything a month beforehand. As much as I love the ingenuity of designers, my allegiances will always align with street fashion. The world is your runway and whatnot. Mainly because I love experimental and eclectic daring but there's also something very approachable about it. Plus, you'll get to see that skirt in motion with probably a dozen creases that resist the efforts of an iron. So which is the runway? The one blinded with lights and camera flashes? Or the vibrant excitement lurking just outside the doors? Here's a few of my favourites!

Everything about that outfit is just win. From the flounce sleeves to the tessellation of flowers... its elegance with modern flair. 

I just love the simplicity of it all, especially with clean lines of white. The dream pairing has always been thigh high boots with a shorter hem length. 

I can't help but associate this with Swan Lake. A contemporary interpretation, I'm sure.

Ties have always been one of my favourite accessories. Especially if they possess a quirky print.

Pastel pink, ever so dreamy. The embellishments in their palette and black piping bear uncanny resemblance to the colouring of cartoons. It goes to show the strength of simple touches.

Pleated, metallic leather skirts have swindled me into a very intense, one-sided infatuation. It's the structure! The other-wordly aesthetic! It's... it's the ability to reconstruct a simple shirt and take it to a new godly realm. Clearly, I need to get out more.

Next time.. when I'm not drowning in obligations, in notes that need to be written in exams and assessments that demand attention..next time. 



Friday, 13 May 2016


Here are some objects of stability in my life. What? Who says I'm prone to hyperbole? Or, to dial down the theatrics, here are some of my favourite things.  

I'm very particular with foundation or BB cream and I've yet to find a holy grail. All I wish is for decent coverage with the 'barely there' sensation. But so far, I haven't had much luck with one that blends seamlessly into my skin and tone. I have an interesting relationship with Benefit, they were actually the first makeup brand that I ever used.. and they punched an impression in my memory by the huge dent they left in my savings. The some kind a gorgeous foundation almost feels like a moisturiser and has a powder finish but it doesn't look as seamless as I would like but for now, it really does make a remarkable difference to my under eye circles.

These shorts by Mika and Gala that I picked up for $4 are just perfection. A gorgeous cyan colour, a high waist and a style that flirts with casual and prim effortlessly. The fact that it has deep pockets has me head over heels. 

I deeply love the daintiness of thin jewellery, especially ones that sit very high on the collarbones. With the stars, it looks like a soft dusting of constellations across them. 

I received clean it ZERO from Banila and co. as a sample and now .. I've been hoodwinked to buy the full size. It's a remarkable product for melting away even the most stubborn of gel eyeliners. 

The lilac unicorn ring I got from Closet Child Shinjuku is the easiest addition of unique touches. And, it's adjustable to wear on any finger. I miss Tokyo, every facet of its fashion seems to possess a glimmer of magic for individuality,  

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

down the rabbithole

Admittedly it's not difficult to render me speechless. Admittedly. But if you can merrily comment down below that these .. didn't just alter the very fabric of life, you're either very good at lying or in a high state of life contemplation denial. These works of art are part of the Alice in Wonderland collection, 'Flowers Can't Talk' from Irregular Choice. Yes, they're real and they can be purchased. And yours. Ah. what's that sound? Oh, just the sound of my bank account crashing and burning around me. 

Just how many times must I be buried by the magnificence of fashion before I have repented? Clearly it's only going to happen once I've lived for all eternity. Now here's another reason to act as an advocate for humanity's desire for eternity, to be around for the ever-morphing beauty of fashion. Alright, so they may be a tad overt, obnoxious, ostentatious ..  but they're beautiful. 
Possibly the most toned down of the bunch, and that's saying something considering how it's covered in glitter and possesses Alice as a heel. 

I've never been more relieved that fashion has grown to incorporate more flats. But just look at the detail. 

Every shoe in this collection is mesmerizing but this.. I have a burning want that it borderline dangerous. I never thought these style of boots would appeal to me, clearly it was because it didn't have clashing harmonic prints in blue, polkadot bows and a teapot set for heels. 

I'm.. I'm going to have to need someone to hold me and rock me to sleep after this. I've always been a far off admirer of Irregular Choice but .. I now might become a staunch follower. 



Monday, 9 May 2016


Viktor & Rolf HC FW 15
How literal can you take a concept? Two words. Wearable art. It's like a game you and your friends play we're you're purposefully trying to one up the other in sheer ridiculousness. Then one of your says something that has you rolling about in absolute mirth. But when the skies clear, oh, it hits you. That.. that's actually quite.. ingenious. This collection was no doubt spun with surrealism. It lingers in the gold gilt frames that behave as the hem lines. That provide jaggedness in contrast to the flow of canvas. I've been captivated by minimalism in all its simplicity as of late. Paradox exists in effortlessness. 

I thought a collared down shirt was the bare boned foundation. I was wrong. Stripped of that, the effect is cleaner, fresher. And provides sharper relief to whatever bizarre, avant grande thing that you forcibly marry it with. Denim always acts as a safe buffer and it's that waist of a paperbag skirt that I adore. The list to why I love fashion continues to grow and grow, I'm sure it's formed a winding path to the North Pole by now. Wearable art. Because you're one with the gallery .. a masterpiece. 



Friday, 6 May 2016

relaxing comes in three

I used to lose pieces of myself in books. In a place where time was unlimited rather than the precious commodity it is now. There's always something that needs to be done or rather be procrastinated from. Perhaps it's this vicious cycle that's created this swirling mess of misery. I see it all the time, reminders to step back, have a break, see the colours that flowers wear and yet, I could never shake off the niggling, snide voice at the back of my mind that shrilly shrieked I was wasting time. 

Today is not one of these days. Sure, exams loom like a guillotine above my neck, but it's in the future rather than the looming present. Assignments are done and dusted which leaves only study to be conducted at a far more relaxed pace.. in between relaxation itself. 

I'm delusional. Sydney has been far too warm for the solace of knits, but if I'm going to relax, I'm going all out. Especially with socks. Apparently, Jane Austen was progressive for her time and her books are rather feminist. Ah sigh. There are worse ways to spend a Saturday I suppose.. 

Taking a cue to look after myself, I stopped into the money drain that is Lush and stepped out with a Massage Therapy Bar that supposedly does wonders for fading stretchmarks and scars. Skip the water, and massage it directly in. Seems like a pleasing low maintenance addition to my post shower regime. All for the sake of smelling the roses. 

The thrilling saga of chilling like a villain will end at night, preferably in bed and maybe burning a scented candle that smells like cake. 

Hey, you. You seem stressed. So here's another person on the internet telling you to chill out. From one stressed out person to another, you deserve a break. 


Thursday, 5 May 2016

it ends at midnight

Zac Posen for Claire Danes at Met Gala 2016 
The future is here, and we've got the dress as proof. Who needs a deal with a fairy godmother? Why gather your toads and mice as your carriage? I'd rather be Cinderella for eternity rather than til midnight, thanks.

The dress was a one of a kind, hand sewn behemoth constructed from organza and fibre optics which gave it the ability to light up in the dark as though you've sewn diamonds into the threads. Due to its sheer size, Claire Dane had to take a bus in order to grace the Met Gala with her presence. Ahh, the commitment we make for fashion. There's another great hero of our time, Cate Blanchett who rode our seriously atrocious transport system in order to avoid wrinkling her dress. Iconic. The dress itself is a product of LED lights and the power of 30 battery packs. .. Any chance that one can be spared to charge your phone in the night? Priorities.
Hands down, the dress more than matched the theme, 'Manux x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology'. Science fiction, fantasy.. they push the norm of what makes our desires. It's painful. We can marvel but to possess is a fleeting dream. I wonder, if I'll live long enough to see science merge with fashion in a way that is affordable yet breathtakingly extravagant. When that day happens, I'm living out all my Harry Potter dreams. 



Tuesday, 3 May 2016

crown of thorns

Headpiece - Alexander Mcqueen A/W 1996 Collection, 'Dante', photographed for V&A Savage Beauty Exhibit
The show's theme was religion being the cause of war. Fashion's so irrelevant to life, but you can't forget the world' - Lee Alexander McQueen 
Religion is a topic that only sparks heated debate. From its conception to how it is perceived individually. Regardless, there is something worth delving into when we consider how much Western Civilisation is built on the notions of Christianity; which is then imposed on everyone to follow. Everyone's allowed to go home for Christmas, right? But is the same significance drawn out for Lunar New Year? Right. To proclaim fashion is irrelevant as a designer is all kinds of ironic and pretentious, as if it sets you apart from being vapid. But if it's in the mission statement, it must be gospel!

People should be allowed to like whatever they desire no matter how shallow it is deemed (unless it's harmful to the general public). Perhaps in the textiles that you adorn your body with, it becomes impenetrable armour. An unseen veneer of strength. So superficial? Pointless? Don't you dare. So there is a savage beauty in fashion.

I never understood the importance of accessories. Oh, the naivety. For all my harping on milking the most out of your money when it comes to fashion, I neglected an immensely important sect. A simple dress transcends realms with cleverly chosen pieces. Add a scarf as a belt, wear those chains, rings the size of Jupiter.. I've seen reason. The headpiece almost looks dainty and fragile, but its thinness beguiles a not so subtle fierceness. If I wanted to look like a Queen without effort, I'd wear this everyday. What about you? Is there an accessory that you swear is the ultimate transformer?



Sunday, 1 May 2016


Simon Spurr, Fall 2011 
I have many deep loves in this universe. All of which seem to revolve around optimal beauty for minimum effort. Coincidence? Collared shirts, double breasted navy blazers are the very tip of iceberg that fall within this category. These foundations mixed with my enamoured whimsy are guaranteed to leave me stymied ... and desperate longing but let's not dwell on that. This shirt from Simon Purr, 2011, did not ruffle anyone's feathers. It's.. brilliance. 

The tip of the shirt that just peeks out from a buttoned blazer, especially if stark white, creates that quintessential polished look. Feathers would've destroyed that image. But here, it's cleverly retained by absorbing the colour of the jacket to mute it. Stark elegance. There's a paradox if anyone sought one. Of course, there's nothing wrong with simply running with the obnoxiousness by amping the colour to something more eye-catching, but I'm sure it would get a few raised eyebrows in an office. 

As if there wasn't enough intrigue, a lapel pin bearing a single feather refines it. Here are new elements to be considered when wearing a blazer. Either, your collar must be extravagant, or a few lapel pins must be heartily mediated and finally, change the texture of your shirt entirely and consider.. feathers.