Saturday, 9 April 2016

universe over heart

An expert guide on things to expect when stargazing. Step 1, descend into a melancholic mood where escapism seems to be forefront emotion. Step 2, Feign ignorance at the presence of insects that lay in the grass beneath the blanket that you set out. Step 3, gaze wondrously in the space above you, at the wide, dark canopy interrupted with bright, twinkling lights. Step 4, feel incredibly insignificant and small yet paradoxically at peace. Step 5, reach out towards the sky and pluck one of the stars to keep over your heart for constant reassurance. Or well.. try anyway. 

In steps in Betty Yates to satisfy your fantasies or becoming a part of constellations. She's an American jewellery designer who makes contemporary and geometric pieces. Think taking the interpretation of physical objects in our plane and converting them to their barest form. Like how the Deathy Hallows wes reduced to triangles and a series of lines, or how Adrian Monk very cleanly perceives clouds as circles. Her gyroscopes are a sight to behold, almost like a planet in orbit, the focal point fashioned of crystals and gemstones, as if the form alone isn't a comfort, imagine it magnified with the effect of soothing crystals. 

These ones with their geometric shapes are very reminiscent of the Hunger Game symbols aren't they not? The Hunger Games are set in an time discrepancy. After a dystopia ravages the land and leaves the Capitol as the pinnacle of advancement, only small pieces of technology trickle down to the decrepit Districts and mainly to secure the labour that would keep the Capitol afloat. These necklaces wouldn't look out of place in such a setting. 

Look familiar? If Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus were pea-sized. 

Now this one looks like a more fashion interpretation of space. Glitter abounds with swirls o blue, purple and pink nonsensically. 

Crystals in their uncut form. This may be the only way I'll ever be persuaded to wear them, encased with ring upon ring. Although not the best idea for someone as fidgety as me, trust me when I say it'd all I be playing with during class. .. And would exacerbate quivering nervousness just prior to speeches. 

Betty Yate's creations aren't limited to just these though, I say as though they aren't anything but stella (see what I did there?). If you're in the need for unique jewellery with a heavy emphasis of geometric forms, look no further!




  1. ❣ so beautifull !


  2. Beautiful necklaces.

  3. These jewels are so beautiful, so refined and classy!!! Nice pics too!

  4. They looks so pretty!
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  5. Such pretty necklaces.
    I love the pendant.

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  6. wow...beautiful necklaces....xoxo, Neha

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  8. looks great :)
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  9. Wow, love those necklaces!! Would definitely spice up an outfit

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  10. Love the quartz one!!

  11. So cool