Saturday, 2 April 2016


On right, details from Chanel S/S 2015. And what does that translate to? A new budding obsession for pins, brooches and clips. Forget about sacrificing a small village for a designer outfit to acessorise your look, listen, use brooches that cost a few dollars each to add a certain quirkiness. Although the sacrifice here is minuscule holes in your clothing .. so maybe that Chanel handbag was a better idea..It's funny, I've always thought of Chanel as just that irrefutable timelessness, and then I fall hopefully enamoured with their colours and vibrancy.  

Normally, I'd add brooches to collars or button ups to spruce them up but anything with excess fabric works.. like the straps from suspenders for instance. Behold, the number of pins I have amassed which only promises to multiply in size. I think pairing dark turtlenecks with suspenders would result in a rather distinguished look, complete with a high pearl necklace of sorts for a play on elegance. 

But the casual, fluffiness that a soft slouchy white top is hard to refute. But to keep the air of sophistication that suspenders radiate, I've rounded the softness with black heels and a colour-blocked structured bad to maintain that hint of fun. of I've had my eyes opened to their versatility and it's about damn time. Against the plain backdrop, the pins are emphasised in all their whimsical glory. 

These pins are as well travelled as I am. Haha, that's a lie. Half of them I got from my trip to Seoul last year (has it been a year already??), several from Closet Child in Harajuku (once again.. has it really been a year???) and the rest from thrift stores (the effect isn't the same..). I'm rather fond of the unique golden safety pin, as it's gold, a regal air is projected when married with white or black, and it holds the stars and the moon.. Comical Superman with that trademark hair coif, the adorableness had me spellbound and compelled me to buy it. And Spiderman legoised, of course (don't believe me that Spiderman's Chinese and that his Aunt May is a super secret spy for SHIELD?). The most recent addition is the golden bicycle and it was just so ridiculous that I couldn't be dissuaded from getting it. 

Have I convinced you to sign over to the brooch subscription? I swear you only need a handful of coins or a single note!




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  2. nice look!!

  3. ooooh yess. I think I'm gonna start doing this too. you pins are so cool!!

  4. This looks amazing!

    xx Nicki

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